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Isaiah 15

1 The burden of Moab. Because in the night Ar of Moab is laid waste; it is cut off; because in the night Kir of Moab is laid waste; it is cut off.
2 One has gone up to the house, even to Dibon, the high places, to weep. Moab shall howl over Nebo, and over Medeba; baldness shall be on all their heads, and every beard cut off.
3 In the streets they shall clothe themselves with sackcloth; on the tops of their houses and in their streets everyone shall howl, weeping bitterly.
4 And Heshbon and Elealeh shall cry for help; their voice shall be heard as far as Jahaz. So the armed soldiers of Moab shall shout; he trembles for his life.
5 My heart shall call out to Moab; his fugitives flee to Zoar like a three year old heifer. He goes up the ascent to Luhith with weeping; for in the way of Horonaim they shall raise up an outcry of destruction.
6 For the waters of Nimrim are desolate; for the grass has dried up and the new grass fails; there is nothing green.
7 Therefore they shall carry off the abundance they have produced and stored, over to the Brook of the Willows.
8 For the cry has gone around all the borders of Moab, its howling even to Eglaim; its howling even to Beer-elim.
9 For the waters of Dimon are full of blood, for I will lay more upon Dimon; upon the escapees of Moab, lions, even upon the remnant of the land.
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