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- March 27, 1998
"Church Sex?"

an expose of: "The Family"

Recently a reader wrote in for advice about a group known as "The Family." That the group seemed to have some "good" qualities but that upon checking out their website, there seemed to be some "problems" with them. ...what to do?

When I checked out the URLs in question, what I saw there was so appalling, I recommended to the person that, unless the problem was corrected, disassociation from people of the fellowship was necessary. And furthermore, my heart has been weighed down with the burden of the need to "expose" the detestable things they do in "secret."(Eph5:11-12) Since it is so "shameful" but needs to be exposed I will make this as brief as possible.

"The Family" is a worldwide "fellowship" which had its origins in the 60's & 70's hippy commune movements. Back then they called themselves "Children of God." When one visits their website, one sees "brightness and sunshine." Photographs show people apparently "happy" and all smiles. They proclaim "love" to the world, and help out needy people with food and shelter...all, wonderful admirable things. But, one does not see a Gospel presentation.

However, when a person starts investigating "policy" one sees "free-love" being promoted. Apparently the free-love of the hippy times simply carried over into what they now call "christian." Married people are ENCOURAGED TO "help" single brothers and sisters "in need." That to do so is "ministering God's love" to them, and is done so, "sacrificially." That to "bed-hop" is "ministry." That "swapping" is also "good" in "ministering" to others with their "unique needs." And they splatter Scripture references throughout this filth.

I never did see what they think "adultery" is. The dictionary gives the most commonly understood definition, "sex with someone other than one's own spouse." And God condemns it. "You shall not commit adultery." (Ex20:14) Paul berates the Corinthians for something "not even named among the Gentiles"(1Cor5:1) and tells them to "deliver such a one to Satan for the destruction of the flesh.."(vs5) This group "The Family" seems to promote, essentially, communal "orgies" ...which fits right in with the "worst" that the world seems to offer.

Israel said "all that the Lord our God says...we will do it."(Deu5:27) Claiming to follow God. And as soon as Moses was gone 40 days, they "became idolaters" with the golden calf "..and rose up to play." (1Cor10:7) This "play" included pagan ritual prostitution. Moses was so angered by what he saw, he threw the tablets of stone down and broke them; and God threatened to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. (Ex32:10)

This example of Israel is recorded "openly" so that we don't do as they did. (1Cor10:8,11) Israel assumed that, since they were descendants of Abraham, and had been liberated from Egypt at Passover, that they "had it made."

We consider "The Family" OPENLY, so we can observe, and take it to heart. They bear the label "christian." If one checks their doctrinal statement, while a lot of it looks wonderful, some key elements are missing. And some of their other offerings border on the bizarre. They are NOT "Christian." While they have the facade, and probably think they are... "Christians" ...Paul admonishes, "..let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall."(1Cor10:12)

Can we have "fellowship" with people from "The Family?" While it is apparent that they are NOT "Christian" ...they promote themselves as being such. We must follow Paul's mandate "but now I have written to you not to keep company with ANYONE NAMED A BROTHER, who is sexually immoral...not even to eat with such a person...put away from yourselves the evil person." (1Cor5:11,13)

God made them "male and female."(Gen1:27) A "man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to [his] [wife].."(2:24) Both bracketed words are "singular." Paul writes, "..let each man have [his own] wife, and let each woman have [her own] husband."(1Cor7:2) Again.."singular." The "two become one flesh."(Eph5:31) Obviously, sex is "good" and blessed by God. It is how man is "fruitful and multiplies."(Gen1:28) and how a man's "quiver is full" of children (Ps127:3-5) with God's blessing. A complete book of the Bible (S-o-S) is devoted to it. But its abuse is judged by God, "Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge. (Heb13:4) "But the...sexually immoral...shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death. (Rev21:8)


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