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July 14, 1997
Missler's Gospel

It seems I am being called upon to do something which I don't enjoy very much. The purpose of VW is to present God's Word, exhorting people to repent; turn away from their sin/s, their lies of pretend christianity, turn to God through Christ, and live lives indicative of such spiritual transformation. It is not VW's primary ministry to talk about other people and "their" ministries. But, once in a while, when referencing some particular brand of false teaching, names come up.

Recently the name "Missler" came up in connection with discovering how to ferret out false teaching. As a result, some people who have previously had a "positive" inclination for him have asked where my "ideas" have come from. Is this the only such thing that I may be picking on? ...out of "all the good" he has to say, etc.etc.

John (apostle of "love") wrote, "Diotrephes, who loves to have the preeminence among them, does not receive us. Therefore, if I come, I will call to mind his deeds which he does, prating against us with malicious words. And not content with that, he himself does not receive the brethren, and forbids those who wish to, putting them out of the church. (3Jn1:9-10) Paul wrote, "I implore Euodia and I implore Syntyche to be of the same mind in the Lord." (Phil4:2) Paul exhorts Timothy, "Those who are sinning rebuke in the presence of all, that the rest also may fear."(1Tm5:20)

First of all, let it be known that I do not know Chuck Missler. Have not spoken with him face to face. Whether or not he is a Believer in Christ... "The Lord knows those who are His."(2Tm2:19) I will share my observations, and you can either make your own conclusions, or do more research to satisfy your "need to know."

June 28,97 Missler spoke at a local church. 5 hours in all. I was late for the first session, but was on time for the evening session to hear the bluegrass band he brought with him. While I like bluegrass, what they did was NOT APPROPRIATE in church. In addition, the female was lasciviously sensuously "smooth" (as if dancing with a dance pole, only, without the pole). And ultimately, I walked out in protest during their final "get down-n-dirty" number which could have competed for a spot in "dirty dancing" repertoire, until it was over. As I rounded the corner out in the hall, a friend was coming out another door, thinking she had come to the "wrong place" ...not having been to this particular church before. Her impressions of the "female" were the same as mine.

At the close of the first session he presented a "modified invitation." Not intended for anybody to go forward. But this was where he presented the "gospel" to which we referred in "Biblical Discernment." And then, he did a charismatic "agreeing together with God in prayer" for loved ones who don't know the Lord, as people spoke out-loud the names of people to be prayed for.

During the Q/A time after the evening session, he was extremely rude. Cutting people off before they finished asking their questions. Some of them remained standing to "finish" their questions once he was through with what he wanted to say. Needless to say, some in the audience were a bit "frustrated" by this.

During his presentation he claimed to have "inside information" about the Mars landing, that it would be diverted to investigate the "face." To date, I haven't seen anything in those pictures that indicate that happened. Makes me wonder just a little about the credibility of the rest of his "top secret" information he shares about the military, etc.

These are some of my "direct observations" of Chuck, himself. Not to mention the periodic "demonic cackling" females in the audience.

Since writing the "Biblical Discernment" article, some other pieces of this puzzle have come together; confirming what I wrote at the direction of the Holy Spirit. And, I'm sorry if this gets just a little "long-winded" here but, I don't know how else to give a complete picture, for those of you who asked...or might be interested.

Recently I was reminded that PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries did a series earlier this year on Nancy Missler, Chuck's wife. Since I have experienced the psychological approach, I did not read them in their entirety. (In case you're interested, these articles appear at PAM's WebSite under "Free Sample Articles.") The basic introductory concepts that PAM was exposing was Nancy's approach to problems, without the "sin" factor. (My synopsis of it) That which Scripture calls "sin" Nancy was calling something else...related to the "repressed, hidden, memories...blah, blah, blah" that psychoheresy is known for.

As I was reminded of PAM's series, and was then making the "association" between Nancy and Chuck and what I had just observed with him, I also realized that their Koinonia House, just a short drive from here, was the organization that somebody was strongly suggesting I go to for "counseling" when I was at my "low point" when my "unequal yoke" left me. (6 years ago) I was told something like, "They are charismatically oriented...but they're REAL GOOD." I didn't go to KHouse, but somebody else locally "found me" and started in on "helping" me with the typical psychological approach to things. I accepted it for a while, until I started realizing the problems.

The primary problem is that sin is not called "sin." The theory is that we are actually born "good" ...if only we didn't have parents to corrupt us. Rejecting "original sin".."in sin my mother conceived me"(Ps51:5) A lot of the stuff I was hearing I didn't have scholarly backing to refute, but knew it was different from what Scripture taught, even though this person "claimed" to be a Christian...and he and I went round-n-round. (He was later elected to a "position" at the church I was attending at the time.) Later, someone handed me Dave Hunt's book, "Seduction of Christianity" and all the scholarship I had lacked was found in that book.

We have already discussed Chuck's "gospel." "Christ died, was buried, and rose again."(1Cor15:3-4) ...leaving out "repentance and remission of sins."(Lk24:47,Acts20:21) When we realize he is married to someone who publishes alternatives to "sin" and the matter of repentance, and knowing for myself how these psychologically-based people strongly oppose "repentance" of any kind; it might be safe to assume that Chuck, likely, doesn't believe in repentance, either. These things do tend to "run in families." And thus, his presentation of a passage which doesn't happen to include the words "repentance and remission of sins" (because the passage context is the "resurrection") and not making sure he includes it, when he claims to be giving "everything that's needed" to be saved. Just to be clear here, that I am not judging Missler's own heart; if he does believe it ("repentance"), he didn't declare it!! "Out of the..heart the mouth speaks."(Mt12:34)

I sent an e-mail over to KHouse, after his local meeting in question, asking some questions about these things...and to date, I have not yet received a reply.

One person who queried my comments asked if they came from a "balanced" approach to Missler as a whole. I hope this note helps to that end. Furthermore, the matter of "sin & repentance" is FOUNDATIONAL.(Heb6:1) If the foundation is wobbly, nothing else can be "balanced" can it.

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