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- February, 2004
Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ"

VW COMMENTS: (as mailed to subscribers: February 9,2004)

I don't really 'want' to say anything here, but I must...of exhortation to -some- of you. There seems to be rather quite a 'frenzy' out there regarding the upcoming release of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ". Several have been sending me every latest bit of gossip that is flying around out there in the chat rooms, and on private mailing lists. In one case I even had to ask the person to 'stop' sending them.

Not only is Mel Gibson 'catholic', he takes mass every morning to be "squeaky clean" for that day's work. (This, too, I heard from his own mouth when he was on Letterman a month ago, or whenever that was) When asked about "salvation", Gibson agrees with the catholic doctrine that there is no salvation apart from "the church" (catholic). And the newest bit of information, and one reason some of the movie's scenes don't always agree with Scripture, is because Gibson also has used some of the published visions of now-dead catholic nuns. The "jesus" he uses for the movie is modeled after the image on the shroud of Turin. But to any astute Bible student, we -know- that was not Jesus, because the Scripture says, plainly, that Jesus was "wrapped (rolled up) in a clean linen cloth" (Mt27:59) Those who know more about these things than I do, suggest that He was wrapped somewhat 'cocoon' style; which is no resemblance to that Turin shroud.

I think I upset the person I asked to stop sending stuff; them assuming I would -want- to 'know' about the movie.

Well, yes...seeing as how this one is getting the kind of press it is, I -may- go see it. (I say "-may-"...to know -about- 'the' movie, not everybody's opinions of it even before they've seen it!) I don't know yet what the Lord may burden, when the time comes. But I must say, judging by all the gossip chatter I've read, the movie is beginning to nauseate me, even before I've ever seen it! All these pretend-[c]hristians, all excited and chattery, all in a (yes) 'frenzy' over how -great- it is going to be, and what a "witness for Christ" it has already been (from the on-set miracles, and Gibson's great "[c]hristian" testimony, etc.etc.,blah, blah, puke, puke...remember, if Gibson is a "sqeaky clean" -catholic-, and by the confession of his own mouth, knowingly believing catholic doctrine of salvation through "the -catholic- church", he is -not- a Biblical Christian. Do not be deceived!)

Folks: A little -caution- here. And this applies to -anything-... not just this coming movie. HOW DO WE KNOW -about- anything? The best way is by witnessing it first-hand. If we are hearing the testimonials of others who have witnessed it, then we must look at the 'credibility' of the witness. Thus far, the 'favorable' testimonials are from the ilk of Billy Graham, the pope, Robert Schuller, and a whole host of today's apostate leaders, as well as entertainment industry big-shots. Thus, in addition to already knowing its 'catholic' roots, its testimonials are not boding it very well.

Thus, the caution: If you're waffling around, and finding yourself in an emotional frenzy over this thing, may I exhort you to just !!! STOP !!! a moment, and take a spiritual account of your own heart. Are you all caught up in this 'tide' that is flowing? (the "broad way...to destruction" Mt7:13) Or are you approaching it with 'reason'? Remember that one of the characteristics of the coming 70th week is "signs and lying wonders" (2Th2:9) coming from Satan. And to be sure, as there are "many antichrists" in the world now (1Jn2:18), we know that there will also be their accompanying "signs and lying wonders". And one of the -best- lies, is that it all appears to be "christian", "transformed" to -appear- as "ministers of righteousness" (2Co11:15)

How many people, when they go to see the movie, will not actually see WHAT's THERE, because their emotions will have been so-worked-up to see what the previews have told them they will see? So, if you know some basics of the thing, just STOP all the gossip about things most of the people in those chat rooms don't really know, except as hearsay. Spread enough unfounded gossip around, and eventually it becomes 'fact'. So, to any of you who are caught up in it all, please, just STOP IT. Clear your minds of it all. Then, if the Lord should actually burden you to go see it, you will be of "sound mind" (2Ti1:7) to actually -see- 'what' is in the movie.

But I'm thinking, for most people, from what we already know, it's likely a good movie to STAY AWAY FROM. What did God say about portraying "any likeness" of Himself? (Ex20:4) The reason? "...for you saw no form..." (Deu4:12,15) How can any mere man -presume- to depict Jesus Christ? That, alone, seems blasphemous to me! I've never cared for -any- of the "Jesus" movies that I've ever seen, or seen clips of, for that very reason. (They typically portray Him as an effeminate spineless hippy of some sort, who wallows around in the sin of the sinners He came to save!)

So... just 'STOP' it. -If- the Lord leads you to go see it, -then- start talking. Only then will you actually have something to say and forward to everybody you know. The gossipings of the testimonials of the unsaved is worthless...except to cast a huge shadow of depravity over the movie.

One of the prime purposes of the movie, by its design, is to portray in graphic detail the -suffering- of Jesus. Just as catholics leave Him on the cross "forever bleeding". However, what does Scripture say about "crucifying again...the Son of God, and exposing Him to public disgrace"? It is "impossible...to renew them to repentance" (Heb6:4-6) This movie is being promoted (big time) to all the churches, and claims that "thousands are going to be saved" from seeing it.

Folks...it ain't gonna happen! It's contrary to Scripture. And salvation only comes through "the Word of God" (Rom10:17) This movie is going to turn out to be one of the biggest deceptions of our day, since the popularity of "going forward" at Billy Graham crusades!

Those who saw the -real- crucifixion "beat their breasts and returned" to their homes (Lk23:48), just as audiences at the film are reported to be in stunned silence and tears. But that's not when they got saved. People will get no-more-saved watching a dramatic depiction of Jesus being whipped, than anybody watching "Pearl Harbor" Sunday night would have been saved after crying at the scenes of the nurse being told to go outside and "pick" which of the wounded to treat, and which to ignore; or the men holding the hands of those drowning, trapped in the sinking ship; or when the Japanese planes went strafing those fallen overboard, clinging to life in the water. A person is not saved while bawling their eyes out at the end of "Schindler's List".

They got saved at the preaching of 'you crucified Him' but He is risen: "WHOM GOD RAISED UP". Now therefore 'REPENT'. (Ac2:24,38, 3:15, 4:10) By contrast, it is reported that in the movie there is only a scant passing mention of the resurrection. Crucifixion only produces death, of which, we were all "dead in trespasses and sins" (Eph2:1,5); but in Christ's resurrection is where we are "raised...to newness of life" (Rom6:4)


The Passion (addendum to above mailing)

JUST A NOTE: (as mailed to subscribers: February 23,2004)

I didn't want to say any more on this subject; but since the movie is being released in a couple of days, a couple things need to be said:

Consider this a "last-minute-warning"!

I have concluded that I will NOT be going to see this movie; and I strongly urge any of you who know the Lord to follow my lead, in not going, either.

With everything that is available to everybody to read, I'm not going to get into details. But having seen more interviews of Gibson, of the actress who portrays "Mary", seeing more clips of scenes I had read about prior, and learning more things of the movie's origins, it has become increasingly clear that the movie is of demonic origins. Its only purpose is to enhance satan's desires for him to have had victory over Jesus....but since he failed, to show his wrath in continually disgracing Jesus; and considering its wide media coverage and acceptance and promotion by all the churches, it is being suggested in some circles that the movie could easily be the final catalyst to homogenate all the world's religions in preparation for the rise of antichrist. Remember, in #023 I suggested it will be the greatest deception since the concept of "going forward" at a Graham crusade. The way it is receiving such adulation and promotion, it is fast on that track.

Other than that, I don't want to give any more credit to it, by talking about it, except to warn you-all...

I had thought to possibly go see it, in order to be first-hand knowledgable, and then to post something in the Discrnment Archives. But the Lord has given me in my spirit all I needed to know, and the more 'researched' presentations out there give everything anybody with a sound mind needs to know; VW doesn't need to add its two-cents, also!

I've concluded that I know enough 'about' the movie and its source, I don't need to know its details...in the same way that I know 'about' wicca, that it is of satan, and would never go to one of their sacrifices, or whatever else, the rituals they do in their worship.

Does this sound strong? Am I suggesting that this movie is as evil as a satanic worship ritual? Indeed! And it could be every bit as 'dangerous' as charismatic worship mantras... There is some suggestion that its savage dramatic emotional impact is of such a nature that viewers can be rendered emotionally incapacitated, leaving the person not mentally "in control" of themselves, the same way that so-called "worship" empties the minds to aid in people becoming shamanistically "spirit-filled". Worship does it gently; a movie such as this does it forcefully. The result is the same.... demon-possession. And the movie has a lot of imagery promoting Marialotry, to embed it into the mind, as the world is reverting back to goddess-worship, of the Queen of Heaven.

As for all the deceived who will swallow it hook-line-and-sinker, who are lusting after this satanic fad as though it was some great thing, (just like they said of the sorcerer Simon, "This man is the great power of God" Ac8:10) and won't heed (or believe) the warnings; Jesus said this about them: "Let them alone. They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into the ditch." (Mt15:14) All I can say to that is: "Even so, Amen!" (Rev1:7)

If you are waffling, debating whether to go see it or not; keep in mind that "..Jehovah your God is testing you to know whether you love Jehovah your God with all your heart and with all your soul." (De13:3)

How will you respond? To God's Word, or satan's allure?

There's some of you who are sitting on the fence...and this movie could turn out to be your heart's decision about more than merely this movie, but your eternal soul. If you get sucked into this deception, there may be no-way-out for you...as it will wash you down along with the deluge of everybody else, down the broad way to destruction; and you will find yourself INCAPABLE of future repentance, because of the depths of your deception. Remember Paul's reference to God's sending of the "strong delusion" in order that people will believe the lie. (2Th2:11)

Right now, yet, you have a choice: Make the right one!


  1. Christ suffered "-ONCE- for all". (1Pt3:18) NOT "often" (Heb9:26-28)

  2. Jesus cried out and proclaimed: "IT HAS BEEN FINISHED!" (Jn19:30)

  3. We "walk by faith, not by sight" (2Co5:7) "Blessed are those not seeing and yet believing." (Jn20:29b)

  4. It is "impossible" (!! IMPOSSIBLE !!) for there to be salvation through -repeated- "exposing Christ to public disgrace" (Heb6:4-6) What is "preached in His name", what Jesus commanded to be proclaimed, is: "repentance and remission of sins". (Lk24:47)
In the name of "Mel Gibson", based on his own personal decisions to 'change' some things compared to Scripture, by his own admission, it is his, Mel Gibson's idea of his account of Jesus' crucifixion, not Scripture's...!


But it repeatedly publicly shames our precious Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ! Do you want to be a part of that?

Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." (Jn14:6) "Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under Heaven given among men (than Jesus Christ of Nazareth) that is required for us to be saved." (Ac4:12,10)


Final Thoughts: (as mailed to subscribers: February 28,2004)
  • -Latin Mass
  • -They give the Scriptures
  • -Catholic doctrine
  • -It's about "tolerance" (closing warning!)

During the production of the movie, Gibson and several of the cast members partook in -daily- "Latin mass". This is a key to understanding why the movie is of 'demonic' origins. Just a little example here:

One evening, during the movie's release-week, on public TV happened to be a re-run of a Ballykissangel (sp?) episode. (I don't watch it, but have seen enough episodes years ago to have an idea of its nature as a weekly Irish/Scottish? soap-opera) Anyway, as I was flipping channels, I came upon the scene where this bear has the village rich man cornered in this room. A lady from the town is loading her rifle to go shoot the bear, but the young padre comes along and asks to be given a chance, first. The young padre goes in, and starts chanting some Latin, and making some ritual hand gestures over the bear; at which, the bear calms right down, becoming docile as a pet dog. After the bear is loaded up into a truck to be carted off to the zoo, a towns-person asks after 'how' the padre was able to do what he had just done. The padre replies something on the order of: "You should try a Latin mass sometime"

Just a little history lesson here: Catholic masses used to -always- be in Latin. If I remember correctly, it was somewhere around the 70s that the catholic church in English-speaking countries began celebrating in English (It was a big deal on the news back then - the Vatican allowed this change). Around the same time (or slightly preceeding it) there became a movement that was known as "charismatic catholics"...and many so-called 'christians' rejoiced that, finally, at long last after so many years, the "catholics were becoming converted". Well...NOT HARDLY! You see, when certain elements of catholicism seemingly 'embraced' charismania, it was really NOTHING NEW. They shed the "Latin", but took on the -label- "charismatic". The same kind of shift that happened from "communism" to "New World Order". Different label, but identically same entity. (Different label deceives people into thinking it is something 'new', which is why the new label is given. People who had been fighting the old label are pushed off-balance for a time, so the entity can gain advantage.) When charismania came along, the "latin" part of their ritualistic formulae was no longer needed. Charismania provided the same "spirits" (demons) of their former latin rituals.

Gibson lives under the original 'roots' of what catholicism has always been, and hasn't changed. This is why there were charismatic-style miracles on the production sets; people being struck by lightning and living, others being healed of sicknesses, etc.

Call it "Latin mass" or "charismatic"? It's all the same thing. The same spirit. It is demon-possession. And the movie is the "doctrines of demons". (1Tim4:1)

And considering that, in catholic doctrine, the mass is a re-crucifying of Jesus everytime they celebrate; thus, the movie is one humongous "mass". Anybody who goes to the movie is unwittingly attending a catholic mass. And at that, a "Latin mass"...of the most satanic kind.


A subscriber who went to see the movie, e-mailed, complaining at my recent comments and warnings, proclaiming that they are "conservative" just like me, they know the Scriptures, and that the movie was exactly Scriptural, and that it "quoted the Scriptures".

Another subscriber, after reading the April article, retorted that he had seen the movie, that I hadn't, and that the movie was nothing like what I've been saying...thus, requested to be unsubscribed. This movie is going to turn out to be a big "sorter" and "sifter"...sorting out as to who is in which camp...on which side of the fence...as to which "master" they serve. (Mt6:24) Many people have been claiming to serve the Master, but are actually followers of a different one. This movie is going to increasingly bring out people's true colors.

Just a reminder....just because somebody quotes Scripture, that does not mean they are of God. The most notable Scriptural example is found where satan is tempting Jesus. After Jesus has replied to satan's first temptation with "it is written", then satan also says, "for it is written" (Mt4:6)

Many satanic cult leaders know the Scriptures better than many True Believers, and they are expert at jumping around from passage-to-passage with lighting speed (out-of-context). Others don't even bother to quote the Scriptures, but mesmerize their listeners by merely quoting Scripture -references- faster than anybody could possibly grasp them, let along write them down or look them up.

It's all a smoke screen. Quote Scripture and show a picture of a KJV Bible, and the gullible will assume it is Christian.

Again...remember: There would be no deception if it didn't look real. What better way to look like a "minister of righteousness" (2Co11:13-15) than to thump a Bible!

Oh...and: being "conservative" means nothing! The terms "conservative" and "Christian" do not mean the same thing. A person can be possessed of wonderful conservative so-called family values, be a highly moral person, be kindly dispositioned to their fellow-man, and be a generally all-around 'nice' guy....and yet, not be a Child of God.

Sadly, a lot of 'conservative' -nice- people are going to go to this movie, and unwittingly become demon-possessed from attending this Latin mass! Because, that is its intent!


The movie is catholic. The catholics know it, and have already published a book to -explain- all the points of the movie, how they were designed to portray catholic doctrine, and the mass.


Gibson was on the Leno program Thursday night. If you didn't see it, you didn't miss a thing! Leno's monologue was of such a nature that I was speaking back to him (at the TV), "You're crossing the line, there, buddy!!!" Making jokes and poking fun at God. When a joke would "bomb", mockingly looking upward, asking God to help him with his jokes! The most sacrilegious I think I've ever heard from Leno (not that I watch him regularly! I don't! Only when I know he is hosting some certain guest, or there's been stuff in the news, to see how he might address it, and how his audience is responding. It helps me have a 'pulse' on society.)

But when Gibson got on, it was obvious that they were of the same camaraderie...by the earnestness of their embrace, to their mutual joviality.

What did Gibson say the movie was about? In a word: "tolerance"

First of all...Gibson was a big liar when he said that. The movie was, and he knows it, a huge catholic promotion. But of course, to say so publicly would reduce the box office revenues, and would make many people shy away from it, and not come under its spell into demon-possession.


  • That was a tolerant mob that cried out, "His blood be on us and on our children! Crucify Him!" (part of this the movie omits) Right?

  • The sanhedrin, of course, was very 'tolerant' of Jesus, right? That's why they dragged Him before Pilate.

  • And of course, if the movie is supposed to depict Jesus purpose on the cross, God the Father was -real- "tolerant" when He turned His back on the Son, while He was on the cross, as Jesus was bearing the sin of the world, God turning His back on that sin, as Jesus cried out, "My Mighty God, My Mighty God, why have You forsaken Me?!" (Ps22:1)

  • God is NOT TOLERANT of Sin! That's why Jesus needed to die:
      -Jesus "propitiated" our sin (1Jn2:2) If you're not sure look it up: how does "propitiate" equate with "tolerance"?
      -Jesus was the "atonement" (Lev17:11)
  • only those who repent and receive Jesus can have eternal life (Jn1:12)
      -God's intolerance rejects unrepentant sinners (Ezk18:4,Mk16:16)
"The one believing into the Son has eternal life; but the one disobeying the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him." (Jn3:36) What terrible "intolerance" on the part of God against the disobedient!! Mmmmm??

Furthermore, God's intolerance does not even hear sinners: "Behold, Jehovah's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; nor is His ear heavy, that it cannot hear. But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hidden His face from you, that He will not hear." (Is59:1-2) He -refuses- to hear the unrepentant sinner.

But Gibson knows that "tolerance" is society's popular buzz-word. So, tell them lies, get them lured in...and from there, the movie's characteristic as a "Latin mass" takes over, just like a shaman casting spells.

And unfortunately, it seems like several VW subscribers, having gone to the movie, have already succumbed to that spirit. That's why I've been repeating these warnings. To you who are strong in the Lord, I know, like me, you are getting "tired" of all this "Passion" rage. But being in the Lord, you will also realize that we are on a rescue mission, hoping to "snatch" them out of the fire (Ju1:23) before it's too late.

Many of you subscribers -are- "strong" in the Lord. But I know, equally, that many others of you are weak, non-committal, not saved, or not sure. For you, going to the movie is -DEADLY-!!! I cannot stress enough the seriousness of this. If you would not go to a charismatic 'revival' service because you would be fearful of the demons of being "spirit-filled", this movie is even more powerful than what goes on in those services. If you would not go to a ritual sacrifice of satanists in their covens, you should also not go to this movie. This movie is every bit as satanically 'dangerous' as a rock concert by KISS or Led Zeppelin, etc.

I'm deadly serious in what I say! If you go to it, whatever the outcome of that experience as you get sucked into satan's domain; your blood is upon your own heads! If, as a result of going, you find yourself unable to come to repentance before God; remember that you were pre-warned! Eve followed her emotions and satan's allure; and then, it was "too late". And we have 6000 years of human history to show for it!

My hands are clean from the blood of your eternal souls. I "..have kept back nothing that was helpful to you, but proclaimed it to you.." (Ac20:20) I have given the warning. The rest is up to you. Who are you going to follow? God or satan?

This is your Hour-of-Decision!

"Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of Jehovah is near in the valley of decision." (Joel 3:14)


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