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Pre-70th Week Rapture Chart

What follows is a collection of my own notes from over the years. It wasn't until around 1982 that it was apparently the Lord's timing for me to be able to embrace, for myself, Scripture's teachings about the Rapture, not merely an acceptance of what all the famous teachers from the notable schools and seminaries were teaching. As some item would grab my attention in my readings, I made notes, cross-references and marks on the verses. This process began while I was using the NASB, and continued when I switched to NKJV. Along the way when I had been using Online Bible software for awhile and learned how to create user topics, I then sat down with all the Bibles I had ever used, having made notes in them, went through them page-by-page, and transferred everything from those Bibles into Online Bible topics or notes.

The following is my own collection of Online Bible (user-topic) notes on the topic of the Rapture, offered here for your interest. If you are an OLB user, you should be able to start a new "topic" and simply paste this page into the editor window. Then, when you click the references with the "#" sign in front, OLB should pop up a window with the text of those verses in it.

As judgment begins
#lk 21:28

    1) Like Lot at Sodom/Gomorah
       #lk 17:27-29 gen 19
    2) Noah "until THE day"
       #mt 24:38 gen 7:7

Judgment is sudden
#1th 5:3

Worthy to Escape judgment and "rest"
#lk 21:36 rev 14:9-10 dan 12:1 rev 3:10 2th 1:6-7 heb 3:11

Not appointed to wrath - but for salvation
#1th 5:9 1:10 ex 9:4 2th 2:13

Delivers us from wrath to come
#1th 1:10

Wrath is [also] for retribution against those who persecute Church
#2th 1:6-8 rev 3:9

Order of things:
    1) Christ resurrected - firstfruits
       #1cor 15:23
    2) dead in Christ resurrected at His coming
       #1cor 15:23 1th 4:16
    3) Alive caught up - taken "out of the midst" - "in the air"
       #1th 4:17 rev 4:1 2th 2:7 mt 24:40-44 1cor 15:51-54
    4) THEN the end
        a) falling away - great deception
           #2th 2:3,11
        b) man of sin revealed
           #2th 2:3,6,8
        c) Christ makes end of all rule
           #1cor 15:24
        d) Israel culled & purified (2/3 killed)
           #zech 13:8-9 mal 3:3 eze 20:38 21:24-27

    5) Second coming
        a) with the saints (canít happen if they werenít raptured yet)
           #zech 14:5 1th 3:13
        b) to Mt. Olives
           #zech 14:3-4
        c) to Israel - "men of Galilee"
           #acts 1:11

Israel at the end ??
#dan 12:13

Pictures & Comparisons:

His "appearance" vs "His kingdom"
     #2tim 4:1,8 tit 2:13 1tim 6:14

His "appearance" vs His "coming"
     #mt 24:30

Jesus is "from heaven" a "heavenly kingdom"
   Citizenship in Heaven
     #phil 3:20
   Promise to "receive us" to "where [He] is" ...not "to" earth
     #jn 14:3

When He is "revealed" (book of Revelation -with all its judgments & wrath)
    -we will be like Him -seeing Him "as He is"
        #1jn 3:2
    -we will be "incorruptible"
        #1Cor 15:54
    -we will no longer be "flesh and blood"
        #1cor 15:50
    -because the Rapture will have happened & we will have been "changed"
        #1cor 15:52

Judgment is for unbelievers
     #rev 2:22 3:10 eze 20:38 heb 3:11

Church vs. Wrath
    -during Church age satan will "not prevail"
        #mt 16:18
    -during Wrath satan "will overcome them"
        #rev 13:7

Song of Solomon  #song 2:9-10
    -Looks through the window -knocks at door
        #rev 3:20
    -Rise up and come away -receives (bride) unto Himself
        #Jn 14:3 eph 5:32

Days of Lot #Lk 17:28-29
    -írapturedí prior to destruction #Gen 19:16

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