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" Desecrations "
of the Koran or Bible?

Cries of indignation, wrath and blood libels; riots and resulting deaths. And generally, worldwide chaos and political unrest. Why? Because followers of God had turned to idolatry and blasphemed God's holy name? (De18:20, Le24:11-14)

"The Americans flushed the Koran down the toilet!"

When the allegations first came out in the media, I was shaking my head, thinking: Who gave those prisoners copies of the Koran in the first place? Who handed out prayer mats so they can ritualize their daily prayers? If an American is a prisoner in an Arab country, do Muslims give known Christians a copy of the Bible in their holding cells? Do not Muslims, instead, behead Christians who refuse to denounce the Most High, and embrace Islam? This is what the Koran teaches them to do. So, if Americans gave these prisoners copies of the Koran in the first place, why would they then (as policy) deliberately also desecrate them?

And then, later, as they showed pictures of people holding the Koran, to understand how 'big' their bound editions are...the ridiculousness of thinking a book that big would even 'fit' inside a toilet, let alone be able to be 'flushed'.

What is the TRUTH of the situation? According to the June6 mailing from Gary Bauer (of Campaign for Working Families): of 28,000 interrogations carried out at Guantanimo, only 10 cases of (personal) abuse. And something the media neglects to report: "Of the 20 cases of alleged Koran abuse, 15 of them were done by the prisoners, not the U.S. guards." Yes, you read correctly!

Apparently, Allah is proving to not be quite the god they had presumed him to be, and some are having crises of faith. And indeed, some of those Muslims did try to flush their own Koran down some toilets.

So then...

How about the other side of this coin? Is the Bible ever abused by its enemies? We won't speak of catholic atrocities over the past centuries, taking away copies of Scripture from the laity, nor of rounding up the works of Wycliffe and Tyndale and burning them in bon fires; nor of Communism's legacy, etc. Let's keep this discussion 'current', shall we, to the followers of Allah.

Many of you will remember the Bethlehem stand-off awhile back, where the Islamofascists were hold up in the catholic 'church' building, and whilst in there were also desecrating many objects of catholic veneration.

But something that has received scant notice, and certainly the media is not 'balancing' their reporting now by reminding us of it. While those PLO were hold up in that building, what were they using for toilet wipes? (Please excuse this crude subject...but Truth is Truth) They were ripping pages out of Bibles and using them to wipe themselves.

Now...to a True Christian, we know that God's Word does not consist of 'ink' printed on pages of 'paper', but it is "in your heart, that you may do it" (De30:14) God's Word is "hidden" in our hearts that we might "not sin against" God. (Ps119:11) Thus, we have confidence that, even if every copy of printed Scripture were destroyed (as it will be anyway when God destroys this present universe to replace it with the "new heavens and earth" 2Pet3:10-13, Rev21:1), God's Word still exists, because God exists.

However, for the world that looks at symbolism... if a Koran gets kicked by a boot, or dropped..."Oh, horrors! Kill the perpetrating infidels!!" But when pages of the Bible are deliberately ripped out and used to wipe unmentionables... "Deafening Silence!" ??

Is the world's hypocrisy not self-evident!

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