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" Conspiracy Theories "

"For Jehovah spoke thus to me with a strong hand, and warned me against walking in the way of this people, saying, Do not say, A conspiracy! to everything which this people calls, A conspiracy! And do not be afraid with their fear, nor be terrified." (Isa8:11-12)

As the Lord has been laying this topic upon my heart after passing through this passage in Isaiah yesterday, this morning (Nov14) there was an e-mail from a visitor to the website, "You are just what the world needs right now. Another chicken little needing disaster to validate why he is so pathetically unhappy. You are no better than the terrorists. You rejoice in the end of things. What will you do if things get better rather than worse? I feel sorry for you. Get a life."

Let us understand something clearly. There are two aspects: There are imagined "conspiracy theories", and there is -reality-. Many conspiracy theories will even take a lot of factual data and spin frightful plots behind them. On the other hand, from Scripture, we 'know' certain things about coming judgment. Jesus gave instructions about, "when you see these things happen.." (Mt13:29) We may not know the details, but we know the picture painted with the broad brush, that when all is said and done, at least a half the world's population will have been decimated. (Rev6:8,9:18) Only a third of Israel will survive. (Zech13:8-9) That, as Christ is setting up His rule from Jerusalem, it speaks of the people of the earth as everyone "who is left" of all the nations (Zech14:16) And one clue seems to be that, among other things, nuclear weapons will have also been used; perhaps the neutron-type devices they have now, that leaves buildings in tact, but kills any living organism in its path, desolving the body right down to the bone? (Zech14:12,15)

However, various conspiracy theories abound. From time to time, certain subscribers forward some latest conspiracy theory, or some new angle to old theories, presented by so-n-so at such-n-such website and/or ministry; usually presented as the alleged -real- truth behind the media lies. That since the US had put Saddam Hussein into power, Bush Sr had no intention of removing him. Ditto-esque regarding bin Laden. That certain high ranking officials actually 'planned' the WTC attacks for the specific purpose of advancing what we now see... the passing of measures to curtail freedoms as part of a major global conspiracy of one-world domination. That some of the school shootings/massacres were purposeful plots to garner a public mentality against the "evil" guns, and shift sentiments in favor of gun control/confiscation. That the president isn't really in charge; the Illuminati are. That Kennedy's assassination was a communist plot. That Kennedy's assassination was a plot by Castro. That Kennedy's assassination was ordered by LBJ, who then took office. (Take your pick)

That the UFO/Alien thing is merely a government/military hoax as part of this global domination conspiracy. That the reason they are so intent on going ahead with cloning is so that they can actually produce a 'live' alien-looking humanoid-like creature to 'validate' the "alien threat", thus justifying the need for the global government to "protect" the world's citizens.

That the Apollo program of landing man on the moon was one colossal hoax. As the 'evidence' becomes more and more understood, I am actually seriously wondering about this one. Why did the flag they planted on the moon "flutter", as if in a breeze, when there is no atmosphere on the moon? Why do different objects on the moonscape as presented on TV coverage have shadows coming at different angles, as if from different (studio) light sources? And there's a whole load of these things! But the biggest one... the Van Allen radiation belts around the earth, which begin at about a 500 mile altitude and continue on out thousands of miles. Apparently it is not possible for man to live within the radiation belts; the radiation is at such high levels, it is toxic and would result in 'immediate'(?) death. But any Apollo mission would have had to have traversed through the radiation belts; and once past the radiation belts, the protection they provide for life on earth would have been gone, and there were not enough rockets on earth capable of hoisting a thick enough lead shield to protect the astronauts on up to the moon and back. More recently, data has apparently come out of the cold war era files, that the Russians lost a cosmonaut when they propelled him up too high into the radiation belts, and he was 'fried'. That that's why they stopped pursuing their moon program. And yet, our astronauts made the trips 'safely' in craft with hulls no thicker, due to weight constraints, than "aluminum foil" (as they used to declare)? Is it possible that atheistic communism was actually more "honest" (in this) than "christian" America?

When man sought to build a tower that would reach into "the heavens" (Gen11:4), God confounded the languages because He knew that man's imagination would have no limits. (vs6) God has placed the radiation belts as a shield to man from the sun, and also, apparently, as a boundary beyond which man cannot pass, because God gave man "dominion.. over all the earth" (Gen1:26) God created man "on the earth". (De4:32, Is45:12) When the psalmist reviews the authority God gave to man, "..dominion over the works of Your hands.." (Ps8:6) the succeeding verses list things on the earth.

So, what about global domination conspiracy theories? What about the various branches of the Illuminati? What about the "fall" of communism? Conspiracy theories have -MAN- being in control of all of the world's events. But what did Nebuchadnezzar learn after seven years as a mutant wild beast? That "..the Most High [is] Ruler in the kingdom of men, and that He gives it to whomever He desires." (Dan4:32) What had his boast been? "[Is] this not great Babylon that -I- have built for the house of the kingdom, by the might of -my- power, and for the honor of -my- majesty?" (vs30) Whatever goes on on earth is under God's authority. Any "authorities that exist are ordained by God" (Rom13:1)

There is another 'player' in this grand design. The "rulers.. authorities.. the world's rulers of the darkness of this age.. the spiritual wickedness in the heavenlies." (Eph6:12) And their leader is the devil, who said to Jesus, "All this authority I will give You, and their glory; for this has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I wish." (Lk4:6) Notice that Jesus did not refute the truth of that statement.

Now, if we understand that all "authorities that exist" are "ordained by God", then we have to understand that Satan's "authority" over the "kingdoms of the world" (Lk4:5) was given to him by God, for a time, until the King of kings wrenches it away from him (Rev11:15, ch17,19) "in His own time" (1Tm6:15)

Until that time, even though Satan has this authority, he is, however, limited by what God allows him to do. He cannot harm God's children unless he is given specific permission, under God's specific guidelines. Notice the matters of Job and Peter (Job1:12, 2:6, Lk22:31-32), as well as many other Scriptural examples that could be given of God's intervention and guidance on behalf of His children.

So, what does a Christian do with all these theories floating about? Well, I certainly read some of them, and find the reading interesting. But something I continually keep noticing: For all these high-powered figureheads that are reported as looming and lurking in the shadows, for all that they are supposedly responsible for (and they probably -are- responsible for much of it), there is one question that keeps popping out in my mind. If all these conspiracies have been developing for so many centuries, why has that proposed one-world government not yet become a reality? Why do they continually plot all these things, but all the world's nation-states still exist as individual entities? Because -GOD-. "..He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell everywhere on the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the -boundaries- of their dwellings.." (Ac17:26)

The "kings" and "rulers" continually "plot together against Jehovah.." trying to go beyond His boundaries He set up for humanity. (Ps2:2) But God "sits in the heavens" and "laughs" at them. He who set a limit for the oceans at their shores (Job38:8-11), also has set limits upon man. "..it is not in man who walks to direct his own steps.." (Jer10:23b)

Last night (11/13/01) there was a special on NBC "Dateline" of an alleged exorcism. All these people gathered around this man, by 'their' efforts, compassion, continual physical contact/touching, soothing, cooing words and "prayer", the main minister was saying things like, "I command you". After a couple of hours, the man was "better", but the demons were not yet 'fully' gone. [Ed: Demons are either in or out. A person either serves one master, or another.-Mt6:24 There is nothing "gradual" about spirit and/or demon possession/indwelling] But as the man was finally now supposedly 'healed', and the group was walking away from the cameras, they were laughing amongst themselves that 'they' had been successful. Their laugh sounded to me more like a bunch of demons cackling. The ones (several women among them, exercising authority over the man see:1Tm2:12) purporting to exorcise, themselves, being the pawns of Satan. Jesus and the apostles did not spend 'hours' with 'rituals' of exorcism with human 'methodology'. Jesus cast out demons "with a word". (Mt8:16) "Go" (8:32) The struggles and power are not human, but spiritual. (Eph6:12) The weapons of spiritual warfare "are not carnal, but mighty through God.." (2Cor10:4)

So, as the Believer (into Jesus Christ) hears conspiracy theories, what do we do? Many so-called christians forward the latest 'theory' to one another and get their states of panic even more elevated. Or, if they claim to be waiting for Christ's return in the Rapture, they look at the latest 'theory' as yet another sign of Christ's soon-return. Well, understand that conspiracy theories have been around since the dawn of time. The ones relating to our present world date back many centuries; some, even, millennia. To be sure, there is much truth contained within the theories. But also remember that they are "theories". "Theory", by definition, includes aspects of "assumption, abstract reasoning and speculation". Not necessarily always cold-hard-fact.

As the visitor (quoted in our opening) taunted, when we see Scripture telling of the end of the world and God's judgment, we are not a bunch of "chicken littles", proclaiming "the sky is falling..." We are trusting that what God promised/prophesied in the Scriptures is 'fact'. The one who is "just" lives by "faith" (Rom1:17), and "faith" is the "certainty" and "evidence" of things hoped for but not seen. (Heb11:1) The Christian walks "by faith, not by sight". (2Cor5:7) But we also do not take every speculation that comes along, and gather at a precipice somewhere, ready to "jump" when the Lord is imagined to come for us. Jesus told us to "watch therefore". (Mt24:42,25:13) But as we don't know the "hour" He will come, when we "see all these things", knowing that He is "at the doors" (Mt24:33), we don't become alarmed, because until He actually shows up, we know that "the end is not yet". (Mt24:6)

Isaiah was exhorted with Jehovah's "strong hand" not to be afraid of what everybody else was afraid of. When others are scrambling for their false senses of security, the Believer is not terrified. When that large jolt hit right under my store's building again yesterday (Nov13), and my neighbor told me the people upstairs could be heard scrambling for their doors, I was disappointed that I had been at home (for lunch) and missed it! The earthquake had only 'rumbled' at my house.

But what does the Believer do? No, we are not Chicken Littles. But neither are we like ostriches, putting our heads in the sand, pretending that current events are -not- happening. Current events -ARE- HAPPENING. And as one reads the Scriptures, we -KNOW- God's timetable is winding down. While we know that 'gloom' is coming for the world, and we might sometimes have tears of sorrow when we know what is promised, is coming and is in store for the unregenerate; we anticipate the "blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ". (Tit2:13) As we run the "race" that is before us, we get rid of all the baggage of sin that would hinder us, and LOOK "unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith..." (Heb12:2) But we also do not put blinders on and pretend that what is coming to the world will not come. That which is on one hand the glorious "hope" for the Believer (Church), on the other hand is the signaling of the beginning of the final "doom" for the world, and Israel's time of refining (Mal3:3) during the time of "Jacob's trouble". (Jer30:7)

Here's how God said it to Isaiah...

"Sanctify Jehovah of Hosts Himself, and let Him be your fear, and let Him be your dread. And He shall be a sanctuary [for you]; but a stone of stumbling, and a rock of falling to both the houses of Israel; and a trap and a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem." (Isa8:13-14)


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