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" Jesus, Mary & da Vinci Code "

Based on: (ABC Prime Time 11/3/03 w/ Elizabeth Vargas)

Do you all remember from the September article from John ch20, about Mary Magdalene...how I speculated the kinds of thoughts that 'might be' out there someplace in the world, suggesting that Jesus and Mary had a relationship, and offspring; and of the hypothetical thoughts about the implications of anybody claiming to be descendents of Jesus through Mary? Well, if I was as scholarly educated as some are, I might have known that such thoughts already -definitely- 'DID' exist. ABC's Prime Time had a special on this very thing. (I caught the documentary about 7-minutes into the program, so missed the very opening presentation/s, to understand 'why' they were even addressing the matter in such a way. But once I saw what was on, I quickly got my laptop out by the TV so I could type myself some notes as it progressed, to remember details, to present here...some highlights...and then a closing thought, or two.)

From the parts I missed, based on how one of the TV tabloid shows is promoting an upcoming segment on the same subject, I suspect this whole thing is based on a book written by somebody called, "The da Vinci Code"

The basic theory is that da Vinci believed this notion that Jesus was married to Mary; but since he lived during times when people were persecuted for having independent thought that might be contrary to the 'official' political/church doctrines, that he depicted it in his painting, "The Last Supper", by 'stealth'. The person portrayed sitting to Jesus' 'right' is not John, but Mary. And the way they are portrayed with their body angles, the space between them forms a huge "V", supposedly a symbol of fertility of the womb. And it was noticed that the (so-called) "chalice" from which they drank that night, is 'missing' from that picture; that the elusive "holy grail" that is the basis for so much folk lore and the imaginings of paganism, was actually "Mary", as symbolized by that "V" in his painting.

According to these legends, Mary is said to have moved to the south of France, and was known as the "vessel of this child" who was named "Sara". That there was a certain line of French nobles who were considered to be descendents of Jesus and Mary. Legends of the Maravingians (sp?) that a queen had been impregnated by a fish (symbol of Jesus)...into a complete "blood-line" of Jesus. In amongst these legends was the name "Templazars" (Knights Templar), which also happen to be part of the lineage for things regarding Free Masonry and the other "secret" societies that are said to be the "real power" behind world politics. Those legends, by the way, trace their alleged lineage clear back to Solomon.

Does this suggest a potential source for the antichrist? In a couple weeks our Jeremiah study will address God's command to Jeremiah NOT to be married; and in that study we'll address another contradictory legend that claims that Jeremiah migrated to the UK with Zedekiah's royal princesses, when all his sons were murdered, and supposedly sired descendents to Israel's royal line, who are now said (by this legend) to be sitting on UK's royal throne. So, you see, there's at least two legends by which the antichrist can be presented to the world, as supposedly being of the seed of David (to deceive the "elect", Israel): one from France, and another from UK.

Interesting, also isn't it, that these are located in Europe, the source of the coming antichrist's power-base. It is Europe where, next to the Islamic world's hate, antisemitism is on the greatest increase, where when thousands from all the various EU countries recently were polled, given names of countries like N.Korea, Syria, Iran, Iraq...AND ISRAEL to consider, and then asked which country of all those, in their opinion, was the greatest threat to world peace, the vast majority responded, "Israel"!

So... where is the rest of the supposed 'documentation' coming from, to support this so-called da Vinci Code? Egypt. More specifically...are you ready for this? Alexandria. Does that name ring a bell in another context?

The "Secret Gospels" hidden in Alexandria. The Gospels of Thomas, Truth, Philip. The so-called "Gnostic Gospels". In these writings Mary is said to have been Jesus' "favorite". Some claim from these writings that Jesus regularly "kissed Mary on the mouth". Others, when being 'honest' say the manuscripts have a 'hole', that they say He "kissed Mary on the..." and then the next word is missing due to age and deterioration; leaving it to speculation. That Jesus' three closest companions were Peter, Andrew and Mary. (Contradicting the Scripture's mention of Peter, Jacob and John -Mt17:1,etc) That Mary was supposedly the "head apostle" (contradicting what appears to be Peter at first Ac1:15, and later Jacob Ac15:13, 21:18, Ga2:9) that the men were "jealous" of Mary's closeness with Jesus, that Jesus would choose a "woman" instead of them (men). That after Jesus had left, that Mary had visions, and she told Peter that some knowledge given to her, Jesus had purposely 'withheld' from Peter. And that this supposed "relationship" that they allege Jesus and Mary had is supposed to 'loosen up' the antiquated "unhealthy attitudes about sexuality" the church has; giving more "liberty" in these things. (Remember who it was that raised up the animosity that led to Stephen's martyrdom by stoning? Those from the "synagogue of the LIBERTINES... Cyrenians and those from ALEXANDRIA...Ac6:9)

It is THIS SAME SOURCE from which the manuscripts/documents come that are the basis for today's perVersions of Scripture. What have been compiled into what are known as the Westcott/Hort texts. That's the NIV, RSV, ASB, NASB, etc.

Seeing how these traditions have dragged the One who was "without sin" (Heb4;15), our Lamb "without blemish and without spot" (1Pt1:19) into the gutter of their minds...

Hopefully this will get the attentions of some of you who are still fence-straddling. Get rid of those perVersions!!! If they are anything more to you than a "reference" sitting on your book shelf, and you are "using" them regularly because you 'like' them...then, GET RID OF THEM. RIP THEM UP and build yourself a little bon fire, or throw them into your fireplace, or the garbage! Seriously!!! Hopefully you now understand a little better the SWILL-PIT from which they originate...and why we have such a loathing for them around here!

And a closing observation: One of the participants in this special, one of their so-called "experts" who appeared on camera to add his two-bits' worth into the whole mix, was a professor from the formerly-esteemed Dallas Seminary...!

When this so-called "seed of Jesus" appears on the global scene, don't believe it. He is not coming out of the UK or France, or any place else. Jesus already warned against it:

"Then if anyone says to you, Look, here is the Christ; or, There; do not believe it. For false christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. Behold, I have told you beforehand. Therefore if they say to you, Behold, He is in the desert, do not go out; or, Behold, He is in the inner rooms, do not believe it. For as the lightning comes out of the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be." (Mt24:23-27)

He who has ears to hear, let him hear! (Mt11:15)

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