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" Depravity of the 90's "
-- or --
" Spice it Up?! "

"...you know what I want, what I really-really want..!"

For as little TV as I watch, the little watching I do lately has been bombarded by promos for the "Spice Girls." What a despicable display of whorish debauchery! The things they do on stage, attired the way they are (or lack thereof), represents the kind of debauchery that only "men" were allowed to engage in, in the sleazy parts of town just a few short years ago. Now, before the whole "global community" via the media, royalty parade their children to these shows, arrange private meetings & photo ops with the sluts.

If a person ever glimpses any of the late-night shows, the visiting "entertainment" groups they showcase leave NOTHING to the imagination in terms of "what's there" and "how to use it."

But then, why not! The president of this country is so known for his escapades that comedians have never-ending supply of jokes. During his campaign, laughing and enjoying the questions from the youth... "boxers or briefs?"

The saga continues. The crime yet unsolved; murder of the six-year old would-be show-girl-beauty-porn star. A position thrust upon her by adult parents who, apparently have no more morals than our president; teaching her to cavort about "suggestively." And the media calls her "An Angel."

The woman most adulated by the world, killed in a car crash while engaged in another of her escapades of infidelity. Worshiped by the world as a "saint."

America's Funniest Videos rewards a child's disobedience tantrum with $10,000. And, hardly a prime-time sitcom anymore that is "fit to" to be watched by mature adults...let alone, children. The casualness with which immorality is portrayed and encouraged; as though, anybody not thus engaged is weird.


While we may look at the world and shake our heads in dismay, I am reminded (at risk of offending any relatives who will read this) of the table comments while dining out with my late "Baptist minister" uncle years ago, once the waitress had taken our orders, "...bring out the dancing girls." While meant in humor I think, why would a professing Christian make such a joke?

Years ago while traveling with a car-full of pastors one day, the "fat women" jokes, and this and that, to a point where I as the junior member of the group was quite uncomfortable. And, if I were to be honest, why have I enjoyed some of the Jay Leno kinds of jokes on occasion, myself? The flesh! And the evangelist who at night would preach "hell- fire" ...in the back rooms ??

Scripture says of Israel, "Then they rose early on the next day, offered burnt offerings, and brought peace offerings; and the people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play. (Ex32:6) The context of this verse; God had "just" given the Law, the Ten Commandments. The "sight" of God's glory was so awesome that Israel pleaded with Moses to speak with God on their behalf, lest they die.(Ex20:18) So Moses goes up into the cloud on the mountain to be with God, and receive the rest of the law and directions for the tabernacle, etc. And as a few short weeks have gone by, they decide to revert to idolatry. Aaron makes the golden calf. The offerings in this verse are "to the calf." And the "play" that they rose up to do were the debauchery of the heathen around them. Sexual orgy- like activity. Breaking laws 1 & 2, as well as 7 & 10.

Paul writes of them, "with most of them God was not well pleased."(1Cor10:5) And says, "their bodies were scattered in the wilderness." They were engaging in the very activities of the nations they were supposed to go and wipe off the face of the earth to cleanse it. And yet, they were engaged in the same. God had to deal with His "own" people first. A new generation grew up in the wilderness, and then they went and eventually did God's bidding in the land.

God's judgment against depravity in Sodom and Gomorrah was swift and total. Fire and brimstone.(Gen19:24) We have a presidential staff that openly praises the sodomite "lifestyle." Info from an Emailing list I'm on told how boys in a primary school class were "paired up" recently and "married" to each other in lessons of tolerance of "alternative" lifestyles. They pretend it is "normal" as I about puked one day on my way to work as a couple of these perverts were out for their daily run, pushing the baby stroller in front of them!!!

Where will it all end?! We are living in the days...the "last hours" of the time "as it was in the days of Noah."(Mt24:37) What were the days of Noah like? There was immorality.(Gen6:2) There was intermingling with demonic beings. In our paragraphs above we haven't even touched on the occult, satanism, witchcraft, UFOism, etc. And God "saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.(vs5)

Intent...thoughts of the heart...evil. When I was a youth the schoolyard talk could be vile. But it was only the "bad boys" who would "feel up" the girls. At any given work place, every other word from the mouth of fellow-employees might have been of sexual innuendo. But at least the broadcast airwaves were "clean." Leaders were expected to be a "notch above" the depravity. And generally society as a whole deplored perversion. Now, the leaders not only engage in it...they speak at rallies to the degenerate, condoning and promoting it openly. And it has become nearly impossible to find evening entertainment that isn't continually, openly, in the gutter. "ONLY EVIL CONTINUALLY!!"

What was Jesus' purpose in referencing the "days of Noah?" To illustrate the days "just prior" to His coming. As time keeps ticking along I keep thinking to myself that "it can't get any worse." But the recent deluge of Spice promos has really been quite annoying! So brazen, open, unashamed!! Along with everything else...it certainly appears that we are "just about there!"

"Until the day that Noah entered the ark."(Mt24:38) Noah, a type of Israel, was hedged away safely in the ark to be kept from destruction. Lot, a type of the Church, was taken "out of Sodom."(Lk17:28) And then, in both scenarios, sudden destruction came and "took them all away" and "destroyed them all."

Destruction of God's Wrath is coming. Where will you be? Safely in Christ? or swept away in ignorance and depravity? He is "not willing that any should perish" but that you come to repentance.(2Pt3:9) But He is not slack, and the day of the Lord WILL come! Turn to Jesus Christ now, before it is too late!

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