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" Beware the Flu Shot! "

Saturday night (3/17/12) ABC's 20/20 had a two-hour, two-segment program by the name "My Strange Affliction". The second hour was a remake of a 2009 review we did on "Tourette Syndrome: Synaptic or Demonic?" [link] It featured all the same children, and since they didn't seem to have aged since that program, and the clips they showed were the same ones as previously, I'm guessing they just used 2009 footage to assemble this new program. (but they presented it as though it was something fresh/new...they didn't say it was old footage)

Since writing/posting that review I've gotten a few reactions/retorts from those claiming to be afflicted with Tourettes. And as would be expected, they usually include cursing. Most scoff at the suggestion that they might be demon-possessed. The most recent one, perhaps a couple months ago, I don't recall that he cursed. But his userID included "???rockman???" in-amongst the rest of it. That pretty much spoke volumes to me, and pretty much proved my point. People give themselves names according to their interests and proclivities.

    "A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks." (Lk6:45)
But the reason I'm writing this, now, is from the first hour. I don't know how many of you have been following the writings of Thomas Horn. In 2010 we did a commentary "Mark of the Beast: a potential scenario?" [link] The concepts of nanotechnology, DNA remapping, the possible mixing of ancient demonic DNA with human DNA, injected by means of things like flu shots. The series "V" was using flu shots to mix human genetics with the lizard DNA. (that series stopped a couple years ago, and I thought there was more to the series, but it never returned that following year. Ditto "the event")

Anyway, the first hour of "My Strange Affliction" started out featuring this woman who got her flu shot, and after she received the shot, started going into convulsions and "tics" that made me react/blurt out immediately, "Tourettes!" The 'experts' had a different label they were throwing around... "Dystonia" But one of their doctors, an 'expert', said that "No" it wasn't dystonia. But just like with Tourettes, they didn't have any positive/sure explanation for 'what' it was...nor cure.

The lady, when walking forward, her legs would appear to be doubling up under her as she was down near the ground, waddling along, her arms flailing about in uncontrolled jerking motions and twitches. She could walk backwards normally, but not forward. She could walk sideways normally. She could 'run' forward...but not walk.

And also...she had this already formulated, ready-to-go, "British" accent.

Now...in English, generally speaking, there are mainly two kinds of 'accent'; and then variations within those two. Although, I did hear of a former subscriber who was working for a company where they had somebody who came across the "Pond" from the UK to work on technical stuff, and somebody in the group jokingly asked "which English" they were going to use, and the bloke from England joked back, "the correct one". But there is American English (US and Canada), and UK and Australia. There might be some minor differences between Canada and US like nasalizing certain sounds (like "garaaaaje" in some parts of Canada), and talking 'aboot' (about) things, and in the US there is the southern drawl, and a certain 'nasal' quality in Boston, etc...but then, Quebecois French is more nasal than French French, too. But English on the American continent has a particular sound, and UK/Australia is more like the Geico lizard. (For you from UK/Australia, the Geico insurance company runs these ads with all sorts of cute scenarios with an animated gecko/lizard...and he always talks in this British-type accent. They even had a scenario where they were discussing...on the commercial... whether his accent was British, Australian, New Zealand, etc...and just as he is about to answer "well, actually, it's...."; the screen goes blank and he never says...keeping the viewer guessing)

This woman, from America, with normally a 'standard' American accent that could pass for the midwest, after the flu shot, -suddenly- had this distinctly "British" accent. Unless a person has -studied- 'how' to do it (and she was not an actress)(Like Hugh Lorri (sp?) speaks with a very 'American' accent when he plays "House", but when I saw him on one of the talk shows was amazed to discover he's actually very 'british'), one does not normally just start speaking another tongue...unless it was the day of Pentecost where after the Holy Spirit came upon them they were speaking other understood languages and dialects....or....one is charismatically "spirit-filled" with demon-possession.

They tried some 'alternative' treatments, from which she had temporary relief: she walked normally, did none of the tourette-like flailing tics, and spoke in her 'normal' American accent. But then, she reverted: back to flailing and British accent, and never recovered.

As we observed with the piece on Tourettes...they are seeking after "medical" expertise, and coming up with NO ANSWERS.

But nobody was asking after the -SPIRITUAL- (demonic).

Just like the school in rural NY state this past year where the students were coming down with Tourettes, and nobody was concluding a sure cause. I replied to the subscriber who sent me the clip, wondering if a person went to investigate, if they might find that the kids frequent a "grove" or any such thing...making committments to the demons, and tourettes was the result? ...or some variation of this scenario. The world's 'experts' don't ask those kinds of questions.

Perhaps there is some truth to the research of Thomas Horn? First "Apollyon Rising 2012" [link] (100-133) And now, more recently "Forbidden Gates" [link] (starting with 137)

Let's throw this whole topic together for a moment: drawing from the "mark" of the beast, the "tics" of Tourettes, the "British" accent of this one who got her flu shot, and Pentecostalism/Charismania. Notice all the things that are the 'same' or 'similar' amongst them all.

Seeing the segment on Tourettes a second time: the kids were obviously "barking" and "chirping" like dogs and birds. If some of them had been old enough and their voices in the adult range, their sounds would have been the "roars" like lions. And with some of them, the manner in which they -jerk- around, their twitches carry them relatively long distances. Now, I've never been to an "anointed" charismatic meeting of being "spirit-filled", but have read enough accounts from the Toronto Vineyard, Pensacola (so-called) "revival" movement. When people would come "under the anointing", having been 'pushed' by the leader, or bonked on the head, or this or that...they spoke of Barking, Growling like animals; of being "thrown" across the room. I did see on TV once when Benny Hinn 'blew' on some lady, she went into a frazzle of twitching and flailing until she ended up on the floor as though "dead". Is that what "slain" is? What the so-called "revival" movement does is of satan. If a person is -truly- "anointed" and exhibits the demonic manifestations: well, like is said, "If it barks like a dog and quacks like a duck" it's a ...???

When a person receives a fully developed dialect without studying to learn it, that was one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. When such a gift is given where a native of that dialect reports that what is being spoken is one of the worst forms of cursing they've ever heard in that language, [link] from the abundance of their heart, the spirit at work is demonic.

    "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them from their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? ...therefore from their fruits you will know them." (Mt7:15-16,20)
When a person receives a fully developed dialect without studying to learn it, and it is accompanied by the other 'tics' that in other circumstances are just like the 'anointings' of demon-possession, if the whole thing -reeks- of the demonic, that dialect 'gift' is demonic.

Even though the world's 'experts' cannot pinpoint -what- the ailment is (because it's not a 'physical' ailment, but a 'spiritual'), but if in their expertise they have determined that the cause/effect was: Cause -> Flu shot; Effect -> Demonic manifestation... Then is it not plain to see that the development of this nano-technology, DNA manipulation, or whatever it all is that has been developed...-WORKS-. It is not at all far-fetched to understand that things have already progressed to where one can become demon-possessed by getting a flu shot.

Has it progressed to where this woman -is- a demon-hybrid? Or is she merely -possessed-? If she is possessed, if her heart is such, the demon can be evicted. But if the flu shot she had was of the nature that it was DNA recombinant, and contained the elements as presented by Thomas Horn's writings; and as such her DNA has been 'modified' through nano-technology; then she -is- part-demon and is one person who no longer can be saved. Like the old saying: Dead wo/man walking!

This is SERIOUS STUFF. What is the case regarding tourettes? I don't claim to know. But when it looks and behaves like what we know to be demonic (the manifestations of the so-called 'revivals'), we know it is demonic. But is it a permanent condition? Can they be released from satan's bondage? As I was seeing those kids on 20/20 this second time around, I was observing their tics; but more importantly I was also seeing the 'spirit' behind their faces. Very much like regular kids I see all the time, with those same 'dark' countenances of what I would guess are in the category as "indigo" children.

How far has the 'flu-shot' technology gone? Has such a recipient already started down the one-way trip, with no hope of rescue?


But most of all (and it should be clear by now that a person wants to steer a wide berth around/away from flu shots, since this is what it has become, and is now documented), if a Christian -does- get a flu shot, out of ignorance or whatever other reasons, is one forever doomed? Remember, Jesus also assures us...

    "Behold, I give you (Believer) authority to tread over serpents and scorpions, and upon all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you." (Lk10:19)


This whole thing might not be limited to -just- "flu" shots. The past few days (as this was being written), the US network news has included certain "warnings" about -all- medicines. Not enough details are being reported yet, but I got the feeling that they might be seeking to 'withdraw' -all- medicines to modify them. It sounds like the story line is going to be something on the order of: the current medicines are "unsafe" in their present form, or, they have "potential dangers". So, if you've read the above article, and also the included links, you know the potential.

Also: while the included links include the Scripture basis for this whole line of reasoning, this article did not. We are not "crazy" or "whacko" in giving this warning. It is prophesied in Scripture...

    "And as you saw the iron mixed with the miry clay, they shall become mixed with the seed (genetics) of men." (Da2:43a)
And as Jesus spoke of the days immediately preceding His return as being like the "days of Noah" (Mt24:37, Lk17:26), in Noah's day the "sons of God" were mixing things up with the "daughters of men" (Gen6) and producing a hybrid race of angel/demon-human creatures. What happened then is happening again. Thus...the warning!


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