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" Dominus Iesus - Catholicism's True Colors "

From one of the on-line news services the following quote:

"Tue Sep 5,2000 -- The Church of England and all other Protestant churches are not "proper" churches because they suffer from "defects", according to the Roman Catholic Church. In a declaration approved by the Pope, the Vatican will also state that followers of all non-Christian religions are "gravely deficient" and their rituals constitute "an obstacle to salvation". The statements are contained in Declaration Dominus Iesus, to be published in Rome (today). Although not in the name of the Pope, it was approved by him and "reflects his thinking".

"The declaration, which has been received with "stunned horror" by bishops and Roman Catholic theologians throughout the world, threatens to undo decades of inter-faith bridge-building."


Not surprising at all! And it's not "undoing" a single thing! This has been the whole strategy all along. Back when "Ut Unum Sint" ('That They May Be One' -you can find its full text in the Discernment Archives, along with a synopsis of this one, now, adjacent to it) came out in 1995, I was at the time spending lots of time in CompuServe's "Christianity" forum, and observed the 'truth' of UUS publicly. (Of course, the monitors struck it from public view... I wasn't supposed to be hinting at the possibility that the pope 'might' be the coming antichrist...even though so much of the rhetoric in UUS was so reminiscent of what Scripture says about the coming man of sin!) But, if you actually read the 'whole thing', not just the opening flowery words about "love" and "unity", which is likely where many will mesmerizedly stop, you see the pope's true intent about 'unity'. Unity occurs when all have come back to Rome and are catholic. For a synopsis of it, you can read the little commentary from back then: "Unity, Or...?"

This present declaration 'correctly' says that salvation does not come about from all the various religions...which makes all the religious 'unity' people gasp as they have been engaging in cross-religious 'dialogue'. But then, while it speaks of salvation through Christ, it reaffirms traditional catholic doctrine that, of necessity, this salvation comes through "the church". (any time you see the word "church" in the following quotes, mentally add "catholic" in front of it, because that is what they mean... "the -catholic- church") Being approved by the "supreme pontiff". [Editor: I refuse to capitalize these titles as they do. I will not give them that honor!]

Scripture says that "there is no other name under Heaven given among men by which we must be saved...the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth" (Acts4:12,10) But they reaffirm their view that "the c church" is the dispenser of this salvation. "Only in the catholic church does Christ's church subsist in all her fullness". Salvation is "in the church and by means of the church". This is their primary point; to remember "the necessity of the church for this salvation". If other churches have not "preserved" the "eucharistic mystery" they are "not churches in the proper sense". If people are "baptised" in other churches, they are getting closer, "albeit imperfect". The RCC also sees its essence as the "sign and instrument of intimate union with God and of the unity of the entire human race". You see, folks, the new one-world religion will be "catholic".

Again, notice the importance of the "eucharist"; that blasphemous 'celebration' which continually re-sacrifices Christ, putting "Him to open shame". (Heb6:6) Dear Believer: do not be deceived when they call it "holy communion". It is -NOT- the Lord's Supper. It is not "in remembrance" (1Cor11:24-25) of that which Christ did "once for all" (Rom6:10,Heb9:28) They are not "remembering"... they are "sacrificing"! And they are using ancient pagan round wafers (sun worship) to do it. If you happen to find yourself in such a 'church' due to family obligations (weddings/funerals), etc., do -NOT- partake of it! Stay in your seat!

I guess they must figure that they've got everybody mesmerized enough with their lies by now, that they can revert to reality. For quite a few years, any catholic 'apologist' types who would write to me have always pretended to be "Christian" from the Biblical definition of "Christian" (Acts11:26), as they have been working on the cross-denominational bridge-building theme; lying, and pretending that the RCC doesn't really teach what it, in fact, does. But more recently I have noticed a more militant approach to teaching catholic doctrine, as we have known it to actually be all along. One fellow, particularly, recently periodically sends me lengthy writings, with Scriptures all twisted out of whack, (which I've now stopped reading) hoping to straighten me up, to realize that "the church" (catholic, of course) has Mary's little corner on Truth. In fact... come to think of it... he doesn't much mention the pope. It's all "the church" and "Mary". After all, this pope has dedicated himself to the queen of heaven, as we observed in last week's "Fig Leaf" that he is bringing one of her statues into St.Peter's basilica next month.

So, again... not surprising. It HAD TO happen this way. It has always just been a matter of time... 'when' it would happen. It is now here.

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