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" Burning the Koran? "

When Jesus was asked whether taxes should be paid to Roman rulers, He responds, "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesarís, and to God the things that are Godís" (Mk12:17) When on trial before the Roman governor Jesus says, "If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight, so that I should not be delivered to the Jews; but now My kingdom is not from here." (Jn18:36) As Jesus was about to ascend back to Heaven the disciples ask, "will You at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?" and He replies that "It is not yours to know...but...you shall BE WITNESSES to Me..." (Ac1:6-8)

The (Jewish) disciples were hoping that AT THAT TIME Jesus would be the conquering "King of kings" and do like David... slay Goliath. Or be like Hezekiah or Josiah and rampage through the land knocking over idols, or like Elijah and kill the prophets of Baal. Do some -flashy- big things, like in the days of Moses, stretch out His rod and bring all sorts of calamity on the Roman occupiers. But that's not what He came for, nor is it what the (Biblical) Church is about. Of Jesus it was said, "He will not strive nor cry out, nor will anyone hear His voice in the streets." (Mt12:19)

Where God told Israel to do housecleaning and knock down idols was as He was giving them conquest 'possession' of formerly pagan lands, as they were setting up a holy -theocratic- nation. (De7:1-6) But when Israel was in exile -in- pagan lands they were told to "seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be exiled, and pray to Jehovah for it. For in its peace you shall have peace." (Jer29:7)

So... what's with this 'pastor' in Florida who wants to burn the Koran on national TV! Is he trying to play-act "David" against the Islamic "Goliath"? Does Jesus commission the Biblical Church to burn Korans...? or rather, to preach "Jesus Christ and Him crucified"? (1Co2:2)

SO WHAT, if they want to build a Mosque at "Ground Zero"? I say "so what" as though a by-standing neutral party 'devil's advocate'.

However, as an earthly citizen of the United States, who pays taxes and has spent a lifetime voting at elections, I say, "ARE THEY OUT OF THEIR EVER-LOVIN' MINDS???" If they believe it was box-cutter-wielding Muslims flying airplanes that killed 3000 people on 9/11; the New York zoning planning commission wishes to permit the building of a -victory- 'trophy' building for the Muslim world??? That would only make sense if this was a 'conquered' Muslim nation.

After all, our pseudo-president has declared this to be a leading "muslim nation" of the world, and when on interview (apparently forgot he was the "president" of the United States which has '50' states) spoke of visiting all "57 states", which happens to be the number of Islamic nations in the "Organisation of the Islamic Conference". "57" is a number dearer to his heart than "50", and when he had a slip-of-the-tongue, he spoke "57". (Forget the disclaimers by some about "urban legends"... it's on tape. He said it! Lately they are also trying to 'fix' the damage by reasserting his claims to "christianity" due to his years with Jeremiah Wright's America-hating church. YaRight!)

If (if) it was Muslim piloted airplanes that killed 3000 people on 9/11, the government leaders and NYC zoning planners should be ashamed of themselves for even considering allowing a mosque there!

But truth is, we the general populace don't yet know the FULL TRUTH of 9/11. If we were to be told who set the demolition style explosive charges that actually brought down the WTC towers, we might begin to come -closer- to the truth. Was it Islam, Israel, Bush, CIA, Power Elite, etc? All these have been suggested in various commentaries and blogs. And as such, if the truth is, that it was some -other- entity (than Islam) that committed the 9/11 atrocity, then, WHY NOT build the mosque there! ...as much as to build one anywhere else.

But all these facts, theories and speculations are the realm of "Caesar" and his minions. Will they build a mosque at Ground Zero? Perhaps. But is it something for someone claiming to be God's Servant, a shepherd of a small flock of (allegedly) God's sheep, to be worrying himself over in a John-the-immerser or Jonah-esque way?

Or is something more sinister going on? Why would such an insignificant man, of such a tiny congregation, seek to make such a big global splash, regarding such a controversial topic, that has nothing to do with the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Does the serpent have another agenda?

Just 'thinking' out loud, here....

Around the same time, an incident has happened in a Spokane suburb. A long-time pastor of a local church (SBC) was out tending to what he thought was a prowler or burgler at his plant farm. (Apparently, years ago when he started the church, this plant nursery was a way to earn an income, much as Paul made tents, and today it is a going concern) A sheriff patrol shows up in an unmarked car, there was a stand-off of some sort, neither one willing to lower their weapon at the other's demands to do so, and the cop shot the preacher. Many different stories are coming out in the news, and apparently the only 'witness' is the cop, and the -dead- body. Thursday night's news they were asking if anybody happened by as it was going on and witnessed it, to please call the police. There are many questionable parameters that have the community in a daze. The cop shoots a man, and then goes on a planned vacation before giving his testimony. A relative of one of my neighbors, who used to work in the Spokane police department, but no longer does, speaks of local law enforcement as having a "good ol' boys club" mentality.

But the thing that makes me include this with the Florida pastor and the Koran, is the one lady that spoke on camera shortly after the incident. Naturally there is grieving as the pastor's family, and church, bury a man greatly beloved. But this lady was on camera, apparently a neighbor of the cop who shot the pastor, saying what a "wonderful man" the cop is, and almost with the 'tone' in her voice as if to suggest: What's with all this (presumably 'undue') attention to the pastor's grieving family... the cop and his family are suffering, tooooo! (vw: Except, the pastor is 'dead'; the cop is not!) In a very real sense, as if to 'belittle' the pastor and his family.

They show pictures of the cop, and he is not someone I would want to meet in a dark alley. Some other witness has come forward expressing the way they were treated when this cop pulled them over. And now as various things are being discussed back and forth, the pastor's family has finally, apparently, started suggesting the "M" word... "murder".

Why two -pastors- making the news? I haven't heard, but are any other pastors, here or there, making the news lately?

What was it that made such a flap, about the little provincial people who: "Bitterly cling to guns and religion"

As this nation is being led to demise by the Marxist regime, it is well on the road to control of all aspects of American life. The final two major issues that need to be "dealt with" for total control are the 1st and 2nd Amendments of the Constitution: Free speech and Religion, and Gun Ownership.

What better to illustrate the 'provincial' nature of the little 'kooks', than to have a 'pastor' do something that is -SURE- to rile up the Muslim world. If cartoons of Mohammed in N.Europe stirred up so much hostility, or the preschool teacher was condemned to 41 lashes for having 'Mohammed' huggy-bear dolls for her kids, what would a media-displayed, American "free-speech" sanctioned event like a Koran burning stir up! It doesn't matter that Muslims do this all the time to the American flag, images of Bush, and all sorts of things...while we passively don't react. They will raise holy-terror worldwide over it. And they will build the Ground-Zero mosque, and persecute the pastor, and PASS LAWS curtailing such acts of "hate" against the Koran.

And what better catalyst to move forward with "gun control" than a "good cop" being -forced- to shoot the "crazy" preacher who wouldn't lower his weapon...when he feared his property was being breached.

A 'crazy' little preacher wants to burn the Koran. What sort of 'cult' does he have? We need to suppress such bigotry and extremism. They're a 'danger' to world peace! A preacher wielding a 'gun'! Must be a 'cult', too!? (they haven't said this locally, yet...but just wait nationally!) After all, Southern Baptists are one of the main national 'cults', right? As O'Bama sneered: guns and religion. Gotta quash such stuff.

(And as it turns out after this commentary was first posted: according to one news source I subscribe to, that pastor's website was 'yanked'. Too much 'hate' and 'national security' concerns. And so, there goes the 1st amendement!)

What other incidents will there be, which the media can expand public sentiment about, to further promote -the- 'agenda', and get some laws passed. As those in the current administration like to say: Let no crisis go to waste.

Regarding the local pastor, I wasn't there. All the facts and evidence are not yet out. Prosecutorial investigation is not complete.

Aside from the public/global ramifications and the 'wisdom' of stirring up a hornets nest, what about this fellow from Florida? Is that what True Biblical Christians are called to do?

3500 years ago when God was creating a new national entity, Israel, they took possession of land God had bequeathed through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They were their own nation, with their own Law...the Old Testament Torah. Being their own unique nation, they had but -one- God. (De6:4) Thus, as people today speak of it, one -religion-. It was their only religion. Being a 'holy' people, by definition, they were to eradicate all other religious paganism, nor allow it amongst themselves. Idols were to be torn down. If an Israelite was found going after other gods, they were to be stoned to death. But that was Israel. That was then. That was -God's- unique nation.

America is NOT God's nation. It is the realm of "Caesar". Caesar allows a hodge-podge of religions to coexist.

Actually, the 'holiness' that Muslims observe regarding Islam is not all that far-afield from what God had commanded Israel regarding Himself. Islam does not allow any other religious observances in their countries, just like God had commanded Israel; and if somebody converts to another religion, they are hunted down and killed. Same as Israel was supposed to have started out originally...although they didn't carry through, but embraced the surrounding pagan religions and deities...so God dispersed them. In that: Islam is more faithful to Allah than Israel was to Jehovah!

But there is a difference: Islam seeks to spread out worldwide 'conquering' in the name of Allah. Whereas God established His 'presence' -in- Jerusalem, and the nations were invited to -come- to worship God... which will be the case again when Messiah destroys the present world empires and sets up His rule from Jerusalem...

    "And many people shall go and say, Come and let us go up to the mountain of Jehovah, to the house of the God of Jacob. And He will teach us His ways, and we will walk in His paths. For out of Zion the Law shall go forth, and the Word of Jehovah from Jerusalem." (Is2:3)

    "My house shall be called a House of Prayer for all nations" (Is56:7)

But presently, we live in Caesar's domain. We are subject to the "higher authorities" which are presently "ordained by God" (Rom13:1) Thus, we are not called to political action. Some activist pastors disagree with this. I don't know what this Florida pastor's 'game' is (even though he canceled his plans) ....but he is WRONG!
    "He who passes by, and crosses over into a quarrel that is not his own, is like one who takes a dog by the ears." (Pr26:17)

    "Surely...the squeezing of the nose brings forth blood; so the wringing of wrath brings forth strife." (Pr30:33)

We presently are living in the serpent's world...and he presently has dominion over it (Lk4:6, Eph6:12)...we are on his turf; and he is running things the way he wants to, and God is (temporarily) letting him. His subjects who reject the Almighty worship the "host of the heavens" (De4:19) Rome worships the sun; Islam, the moon; and the rest of humanity, variations of the stars of astrology and spirituality. As Biblical Believers, we are "foreigners and sojourners" here (1Pt2:11) and our citizenship is "in Heaven". (Php3:20)

Of Paul and company, who exhorted to "imitate" his example (2Th3:7,9) it was even noted by the pagan rulers that they were... "neither robbers of temples nor blasphemers of [the pagan] goddess." (Ac19:37)

Jesus said...

    "Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves." (Mt10:16)
That means: no burning of Korans. No bombing of abortion clinics or mosques, or killing abortion doctors or imams. Or other acts of political/religious incitement or terrorism.


One thing that should be clearly understood about this commentary is that it addresses, only, the admixture of God's people stirring around into Caesar's realm. Christians do not go charging into mosques, cathedrals or temples overturning tables, knocking down idols, spray-painting graffiti, setting fire to things that will burn, etc.

Jesus did that in the temple (Mt21:12) which was supposedly His -own- place. Corruption had entered, and He was doing some housecleaning in an arena that -He- 'owned'. Even Jesus did not enter the temples to the pagan deities with a scoop shovel and fire brands. (Although He -will- in the soon-coming future when He wrenches away the kingdoms of the world from satan. Mt3:12, Re11:15)

HOWEVER... when a pagan repents of their worship of vain idols and turns to the "living God who made the heavens and the earth" (Ac14:15), when those in Ephesus did so in huge numbers, they also built a fire and burned up all their books of the occult. (Ac19:19)

In other words, when a New Age spiritualist or satan worshiper repents and receives Jesus (Jn1:12) in Salvation, they are going to collect all their candles, incense, paraphernalia, books and jewelry and destroy them. When a catholic becomes a Christian they are going to destroy and get rid of their crucifixes, prayer beads, statues to Mary, and whatever else that represents "catholicism" to them. When a Mormon gets saved they may likely also burn their Book of Mormon. IN THE SAME WAY, if a Muslim repents and turns to God, he is going to get rid of his Koran, prayer mat by which he has been kneeling towards Meccah, crescents, and whatever else he has that represents Islam.

Does this mean that -everybody- is going to get rid of their Korans? I've got a couple of Koran translations as software modules. How else will I verify what I read someplace, that purports to be a quote from the Koran? (Sometimes I find those public quotes to be not completely accurate, or are out-of-context. Of course, I find that the two translations I have of the Koran don't always agree with each other, either, as with the perverted translations of the Bible.) Yes, and I've also got a Book of Mormon along with my other 'reference' books. But I was never a Mormon. I was never a Muslim. These books do not hold a place of 'holiness' in my heart. On the other hand, a satanist who turns to God might also destroy their KJV Bible (with its maltese cross on the cover) that they held dear for the purposes of their satanic rituals.

You see, the Christian faith is not like the Crusades: "Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before" like some feared Bush was doing, invading Iraq, along with his accompanying rhetoric. The weapons of our warfare are NOT "carnal". (2Co10:4) During the past centuries of the great explorers, they also went in to pagan lands and "christianized" the natives....at the tip of bayonet. Do this ritual or die. But that was not true Biblical Christianity, it was the conquerings of ancient Babylon through Rome. Which is what Islam does today.

When a pagan turns to God and receives Jesus Christ in Salvation, the -individual- will, as a result, clean out their -own- life of their own pagan past, -whatever- that past was. That's what it means to become "holy" in behavior. (2Pt3:11) A spiritualist will get rid of their candles, incense and jewelry; and a Muslim will forsake their Koran...and may need to flee for their life because a bounty will be on their head. Jesus did speak about "counting the cost" to be His disciple. (Lk14:26-33) A convert to Christ cleans his -own- house.

But that's not what the commentary was about. Christians do not get in their tanks and crash through the doors of mosques. They do not go and acquire a collection of Korans for the sole purpose to make a public demonstration: They killed 3000 of our people on 9/11, so -therefore- I'm going to burn their Korans. No!

As Christians we are in the world, but not -of- it. When Naaman turned to God, after being cured of leprosy, he was not commissioned to go back to Syria and start tearing down all the symbols of idolatry. Part of his duties required him to accompany the king, being a personal assistant to him, as he would bow down in the pagan temple. And when Naaman was concerned about this, Elisha says to him, "Go in peace" (2Ki5:17-19)

Bible Believers are in spiritual warfare (Eph6:12) But 9/11 vs Burn-a-Koran, tit-for-tat, is not Christian 'spiritual' warfare... it is pagan politics. We do not "entangle [ourselves] with the affairs of this life" of the politics of this world. We are to "please [God] who enlisted us" (2Ti2:4)

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