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Re: David Letterman... they "saved my life"

Just some editorial observations here, in view of our recent considerations on the matter of witnessing to people. Also, please note, that while references are sometimes made in these writings to people like Jay Leno and David Letterman, and the guests they entertain; these are -NOT- programs that are on my "regular viewing" list. Leno pretty much has a one-track-MALE-mind. And Letterman is not much better. Their values and morals are not something a Believer emulates. However, when seeing promos for certain episodes, I sometimes watch, to see/hear what is being said by various people...

Monday night (2-21-00) after quintuple by-pass heart surgery (and a 'haircut'), Letterman was 'back'. And it was still the same ol' "Dave". Naturally, most of the show was taken up with his experiences with his surgery. But one thing to observe...

He brought in the surgery/care team (doctors and nurses) to 'honor' them, with his usual Letterman-esque humor and frivolities. But once he was finished being comedic, then he got serious in a kind of moment I've never seen him before. A moment of profoundly deep emotion, with the words...

These people... "SAVED MY LIFE".

As he was fighting away the tears, I was also nearly to tears, thinking of the futility, sadness and heartache. What -is- "life" to somebody like Mr. Letterman? Obviously, it was something to be clung to. If it had been me on the operating table, I would not have been at all sad if the surgeon's knife had 'slipped' so I could be with the Lord. However, we can learn something, even from a worldly human perspective from his statement.

He did not jump around all smiles and jolly because he was in some euphoric "sweet by and by". He was not thankful to his medical care team because he was now "happy, happy, happy". He was not meditating and humming some worship-songs of "doctor, doctor, doctor...what a wonderful doctor you are" as he was claiming to have "made" the doctors into what/who they were, and given them their doctoral positions, and 'released' their abilities through prayer, so that they could operate on him successfully. No!

Prior to surgery, the doctors did not come to him with promises of "wonderful things" if only he would "repeat after them" some ritual formula. Without this surgery he would have been facing death. Surgery is not a picnic to be laughing and frolicking around about. It is a matter of Life-and-Death!

He was grateful to have been saved out of the CLUTCHES of DEATH! And in his deep emotion over that recognition, he was deeply moved to tears.

And yet, I fear that many who call themselves "Christian" have not been through the O.R. and had surgery. They have not been in consultation with -THE- Doctor. Their arteries are all caked up and blocked. They are listening to 'quacks' wearing the white/green coats, offering them prescriptions of placebos, claiming these flavor-coated pills will give them a "good taste" in their mouths. Meanwhile, their hearts are about to go into arrest!

Mankind is about to face the "Wrath of God" which is "revealed from heaven". (Rom1:18) "..no fornicator, unclean person..or idolater..has any inheritance in the Kingdom of God.." and it is because of these things that God's wrath is about to be poured out. (Eph5:5-6)

Only a Believer can witness to the unsaved. They are God's representatives of His Word. He commanded, "..and you are My witnesses" (Lk24:48, Acts1:8) True Witnesses, like -real- doctors, do not give out sugar-coated placebos to make the doomed one -merely- "FEEL good". Remember how we've said in the past that 'wolves do not beget sheep'! Figs do not come from thistles. (Mt7:16)

It is a "rescue" mission! Having "pity" on the lost, like nurses tenderly care for the sick and recouperating. And like the doctor cuts and sews, the True Witness "snatches" the sinner "out of the fire". (Jude22-23)

The one who is being saved does so with profound emotion at having been rescued ("saved") from eternal damnation! (Most people who are 'saved' these days have no concept of 'what' it is that they are being saved 'from'!) "Be distressed, and mourn, and weep." (Jas4:9) When Dave got serious, all the laughing and jokes were aside, as he said that they "saved my life". "..let your laughter be turned to mourning.."

Because... when a person is truly saved, they have the profound realization that they have been saved out of the "horrible pit, out of the miry clay.." (Ps40:2) Otherwise, what does the word "saved" mean?

Letterman was making jokes and acting happy, generically. (Who knows what is going on in his heart?!) He was "saved" from -physical- death. There was joy and relief that he is 'now' on the road to recovery. He survived!

When a person is Saved unto Eternal Life, God "puts a new song of praise to our God in my mouth" (Ps40:3) ...and what is the result? That person becomes a 'witness' to God's work in their life, and...

"..many shall see and shall FEAR and shall TRUST in Jehovah."


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