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"Unity, Or..?"

Recently I was asked by a reader on the E-mailing list to review and give my opinions of Pope John Paul II's encyclical, promulgated on May 25, 1995. It is entitled: "THAT THEY MAY BE ONE" (Ut Unum Sint). What I read was so utterly amazing, and is of great concern to anyone naming the Name of Christ, it seemed appropriate to issue a warning.

The primary textual basis for the encyclical is John ch17, where Jesus is praying to the Father, "that they may be one." He speaks much of Unity, Dialogue, and Prayer. He claims that "'unity' is at the heart of the mission Christ entrusted to His followers." (Compare w/ Mt28:19-20, Acts 1:8) "Interconfessional dialogues at the theological level" have and will produce "positive and tangible results." The prime locomotive to MAKE IT HAPPEN is Prayer.

However, something that most proponents of the Encyclical, and Unity movement seem to have overlooked are his Policy and Doctrinal statements camouflaged in amongst all the "positive" flowery rhetoric. Here is a synopsis:

Their primary policies:

1) The Catholic Church *IS* the Church of Christ (compare w/ 1Cor 3:11)

2) Catholic Church is the "means" of salvation (compare w/ Acts 4:12)

3) Participation of the CC in world events...political/religious

4) Their doctrines won't change (in spite of rhetoric to the contrary)

5) Ecumenism "unity" will exist when all are Catholic (Note Bene!)

6) Shedding of blood...he claims that martyrdom is a unifying force in the history of the church. Historically, of course, we realize that 99% of it came FROM the Catholic Church against True Believers in Jesus Christ. And, the Pope is opening the door for it to occur in the future again. (Jn 16:2)

Their primary beliefs:

1) Scripture & Holy Tradition (compare w/ 2Tim 3:16-17, Rev22:18)

2) Baptism for salvation (compare w/ Tit3:5, 1Cor 1:17)

3) Eucharist "real presence of Christ"..."Eucharistic mystery"

4) Pope...essentially *EQUAL WITH GOD* (compare w/ 2Ths 2:4) ...Pope's words are *EQUAL TO THE WORD OF GOD*

5) Virgin Mary, mother of God, intercessor (compare w/ 1Jn2:1,1Tim 2:5)

Do Believers truly understand what is happening with this push towards ecumenism and The One-World-Church? Until reading this, I didn't realize it also included militancy towards martyrdom..as history is about to repeat itself..as prophesied. SO MANY are merrily rushing down the pathway of "unity." And...Primary Evangelical *LEADERS* are embracing ECT (Evangelicals & Catholics Together)!

As you observe their doctrines, seeing that they are not Scriptural, remember Paul's admonitions regarding "any other gospel." (Gal 1:8-9, 2Jn 9-11.) If you are aware of "Interfaith" Prayer services, or "Prayer Summits" in which the primary goal is "Overlooking Doctrinal Differences," be warned...it is NOT of God!

******* True Believer....Beware! *******

Sept,2000 update: "Dominus Iesus"

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