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Re: Rebellious people  (Isaiah 30)

Woe to rebellious sons, declares Jehovah, to make counsel, but not from
Me; and to weave a covering web, but not of My Spirit, in order to add
sin on sin; who are walking to go down to Egypt, but have not asked at
My mouth... (Is30:1-2)

This was said of/to Israel back in Isaiah's day. But notice: "Now come,
write it before them on a tablet, and note it on a book, so that it may
be for the latter day, until forever.." (vs8)

What is the verdict regarding the "rebellious people"? (vs9)

They do not want to "hear the Law of Jehovah". Today they circumvent
God's Law with all their perVersions of Scripture. God's Word is "too
literal". We must have versions that give a "sense" of what is written,
in a manner that is "easier to understand". Translation: God commands
to live a holy life, but I'd rather "go down to Egypt" and live like
the world. Perversions will transform the black/white of God's Word
more easily into "gray areas".

Preachers who faithfully proclaim God's holy Law are much "too harsh"
unloving and "judgmental". How "dare you!" judge me. Judge not that you
be not judged. If you're gonna pick away at my "speck", you should look
at your own "log" first.

"Do not have a vision for right things to us; speak smooth things to
us; have a vision of trifles." (vs10) When people have "Bible studies"
so often it is "what does it mean TO YOU?" They -know- that the
Scriptures condemn their "lifestyles", but they are having too much
fun. So, if we can have some perVersion 'open' in front of us, and
think about our 'own' thoughts, not really reading what God actually
-says-, we can -pretend- to be studying the Bible, as we follow
teachers who will "tickle our ears". (2Tm4:3) Make us "feeeel good"
and tell us that God "accepts us JUST AS WE ARE..."

What they are really saying, is, "..cause the Holy One of Israel to
cease from before us." (vs11)

God pronounces "WOE to rebellious sons..." (vs1) When God pours out His
wrath through Jesus Christ, how will it come? It will come suddenly. It
will come down with the same kind of swiftness that the "Kingdome" was
recently (when this was written) demolished. That which had been the
largest such concrete structure made, built to hold thousands of people
under cover out of the weather, once the charges were detonated, within
something like (I forget exactly now) 17 seconds it had become rubble
on the ground. "..like the bulging out of a high wall, the breaking of
which comes suddenly, in an instant. And its smashing is as the
smashing of a potter's vessel; when broken in pieces, he has no pity."

Is this judgment something God -wants- to do? What would keep God from
stretching out His wrath? "In returning and rest you shall be saved; 
and in quietness and hope shall be your strength. But you were not
willing. For you said, No!" (vs15-16)

All God requires is that the rebels "repent". That is the essence of
what "returning" means. But while they are turning aside from God's
Law, they have so-perverted His Word, they claim God doesn't require
repentance. God says, If you repent, you will be saved. But they say,
No! We won't. We don't -need- to!  We will go, instead, to Egypt...a
Biblical 'type' of the world.

When it takes awhile for judgment to come, people start thinking that
it won't come. What is happening is that "Jehovah waits to be gracious
to you. And for you He is exalted to have mercy on you.." (vs18a)
because He has "not purposed that any should perish, but that all
should come to repentance." (2Pt3:9)

But God is also a "God of justice" (vs18)  Woe to those who insist on