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Re: Soooo many Weeds! (Mt13:24-30)

In Matthew ch13 Jesus gives object lessons. The "Kingdom of Heaven is
compared to..." And then He gives an example of something "worldly"
that His hearers would understand. Pictures and object lessons.  When
He speaks of the weeds being sown amongst the wheat, I wonder if we
have an accurate picture of this. Let's bring it down to simple terms
that most everyone should be able to visualize.

A garden is tilled up to where everything is dug "under." There is a
nice "clean" surface of dirt to work with the rake and hoe. Neat rows
are made, and little "troughs" in which to plant the seeds. Because the
produce needs space to grow, there is proportionately some "distance"
between rows, so that as the plants grow, they can bush out properly in
proportion to their species, and bear fruit.

The seed is planted and covered with dirt. A couple weeks go by, and
little by little, the seeds sprout, and tiny leaves appear above the
ground. As time passes, more leaves appear...but these are NOT in the
rows. Just as thick (or thicker) as the seeds were planted, weeds are 
growing between the rows and even "in" the rows. If this condition is 
allowed to persist, in time, all one sees is weeds. Proportionately, 
there are "thousands times" more weeds than produce.

Remember how Jesus said, "the kingdom of heaven is compared to..." Just 
as there are "zillions" of weeds compared to what one attempts to grow, 
in just the same fashion there are "many..who go in through" the "broad 
way..that leads to destruction." Just like, if no weeding has been 
done, you look at the garden and see "nothing but weeds" ...so is it 
that "there are few who find" the "narrow gate..which leads to life."

So, when Jesus says "in that day" to those who had been look-alikes
right alongside the produce, but were weeds, "Depart from Me, those
working lawlessness!" (vs23) ...just picture the Vast Multitude that

"Put in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe. Come, come down; for the
press is full; the vats overflow, for their wickedness is great.
Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision; for the day of the
LORD is near in the valley of decision!  (Joel 3:13-14)