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                           *** PORTIONS ***

Re: Chatrooms and "birds" (Mt13:31-33)

This is mostly an "object lesson" regarding the "birds" in this week's
Matthew study. (13:32) A subscriber recently wrote in about
something-or-other, and shared experiences had in a "Christian chat
room." (I don't remember the name of it, and wouldn't want to
jeopardize individual identities, anyway.) While I've never had much
use, personally, for "chat rooms", my Internet experience did begin
with CompuServe's Religion forums. And I would say similar things
happen there.

This particular chat room allegedly had legitimate "Christian"
leanings. It was reported that, on average, five (or so) people a week
would come to Faith in Jesus Christ through this chat.

Then, some charismatic people "showed up" and began introducing
"emotions and experiences" and links to charismatic web sites. If a
"SERIOUS" conversation was going on between a couple of people, these
"birds" would "flutter" in, interrupt and disrupt. Now, there are "NO"
Conversions taking place through this particular service.

Emotions and Experiences! That's all it is for them. Something received
via e-mail a while back, I've been saving in a folder, "now" is the
time to share...

Students at United Methodist-related Emory University's Candler School 
of Theology as they study TV ads, music videos and current films to 
learn more about the ways in which electronic media are providing -- or 
not providing -- images of religious and moral life; One of the 
students went to a contemporary worship service and overhead someone
say: "Wow, that was almost as good as a movie!"

You see, folks! From the mouth of one of the "feel good worshippers."
People go to movies to be entertained. That's what modern "worship" is.  
And often when these services have gone on a while, the pastor will 
say, "we won't have Scripture tonight...we've had the 'spirit'." This
began decades ago. The songs had words something like, I didn't come
here to study, and be preached to from God's Word. "...I just came to
PRAISE THE LORD!" In context, "praising the lord" was totally engulfed
with emotions, jumping, dancing, shouting...often with sexually ungodly
bodily movements; emptying one's mind (shamanistically) to open the
doors for "the spirits" to enter and "fill."

What is the result when all this gets in the way of God's Truth?

"The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved."
(Jer8:20) What a sad commentary for today!! "..I am broken; I am in
gloom; horror has seized me. Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no
physician there?  Why then has the healing of...My people not come?"

Among other things... "birds" and "leaven"