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September 15, 2010

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  • East vs West: Mosque at Ground Zero?

East vs West (re: "Burning the Koran?")

It concerns me when I see so many folks wanting to limit someone else's liberty without thinking about there own liberty.

Building a Mosque on Ground Zero would be sad but I have to agree with Obama on this one. Wow, that's hard to say out loud! My point is if we start limiting freedom of religion to Muslims then who is next? Me possibly? It is quite the commentary on our nation that Islam has such a following that they even have a slim chance of accomplishing this. But the rules are the rules.

It's easier to see events happening to America when you separate yourself from the view of America as a "christian" nation. It is a democracy with liberty and freedom for all.

I have long thought that Democracy and true liberty can't exist without "Christianity". That is why the Iraq and Afghanistan governments will fail. As we give up our freedom and liberty to secular humanists we will lose our freedom as well. They are not taking it, we as a nation are giving it away. Generations of secular humanism have left us in apathy and christianity is weak and powerless as it exists in America today. God has put in us as people to worship. Even with generations of humanistic teaching there are those that know there is something else out there. Islam may fill that gap? Perhaps any assortment of cults and false religions will fill that gap. Then the struggle for power will develop. In the end liberty will lose and we will go the way of Rome.

Well... with this we leave the realms of God, and address "Caesar" directly. But let's look at it anyway, because our Western mindset thinks it's about "religion". This is not specifically a "christian" topic, nor a Biblical one. It's not really even "politics" as much as it is -CULTURE-. And even that sentence might be torn apart and debated, because here is where we get into the complication which is at the crux of the whole America vs Islam question. It is a difference between East and West... Oriental vs Occidental culture and thought. And the two sides do not fully understand each other. Although I suspect the East understands the West better than the West understands the East, and is taking advantage of our willful western arrogant ignorance for the purposes of conquest. It's part of the same conundrum that existed in the West's war during WW2 with Japan. And it is also at the heart of how China, the "sleeping giant" (as Napoleon observed), has awakened, and the West doesn't even understand or realized that it is 'coming after' us for conquest. We think the problem is "a few radicals" of the Taliban or AlQuaida. But beyond that, it is also the prophesied "kings of the east" with its military 200 million strong. (Re16:12,9:16)

We've addressed variations of this topic over the years. It was part of Israel's history as recorded in the Scriptures, and is at the crux of the Mosque-at-Ground-Zero debate.

When Sennacherib came against Hezekiah militarily, the primary argument was of the 'gods' of the nations. Hezekiah was taunted,

    "Have any of the gods of the nations at all delivered its land from the hand of the king of Assyria? Where are the gods of Hamath and Arpad? Where are the gods of Sepharvaim and Hena and Ivah? Have they delivered Samaria out of my hand? Who among all the gods of the lands have delivered their lands out of my hand, that Jehovah should deliver Jerusalem out of my hand?" (2Ki18:33-35)
As Americans our patriotic breast thumps with pride at the sight of the Stars and Stripes unfurled and waving in the breeze, with the band playing "Stars and Stripes Forever". There is the famous depiction of the soldiers on Iwo Jima raising the flag. With bullets flying, several men planting it and setting it upright...in case one got hit, the others would get the job done. When we went into Iraq, some soldiers went about to pin the flag onto some structure as they successfully got into Baghdad...but were told to take it down. We were not there to 'conquer', and make Iraq "American", but to "liberate". If an enemy wants to desecrate America, they burn the flag. When we "pledge allegiance" we do so to THE FLAG...and "the republic for which it stands".

When Islam pledges allegiance, they bow to Mecca. The Koran to Muslims, is like the Flag to Americans. And the equivalent of "Planting the Flag" to US Marines, is like Islam building a prominent mosque. Islam wanting to build a mosque at Ground Zero is like the soldiers planting that flag at Iwo Jima. Fighting the enemy, defeating them, going in and planting or hoisting the flag indicates "VICTORY" And also, to build a prominent mosque at the site of 'battle' is a symbol of "VICTORY" That is -their- (Eastern) 'mentality'.

That's why the mosque still stands on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It is not there for 'worship'. Muslims go there and bow towards Mecca. It is there as a symbol of "conquest" over Israel; which is why any pretense at "peace negotiations" is all LIES. On their maps they do not label "Israel", and their mosque on the Temple Mount (Israel's most holy site) -proves- it.

Islam does not have the equivalent of the 1st Amendment: Freedom of Religion. Like in Hezekiah's day, a nation's 'god' -is- their national identity. It is their 'nation' -AND- their nation's 'god'. They go hand-in-hand. It is their essence. That's why the Japanese fought so fiercely during WW2. One's 'deity' is SO MUCH ABOVE -mere- 'patriotism'. They fought (and suicide divebombed) for their emperor/god. In the 50s, even though the emperor had been (officially) "deposed" as "deity", the older people would still be seen bowing towards the imperial palace. That's why Muslim mothers glory in triumph when their children die as suicide martyrs, and they wish to have more children so that they, too, can die a martyr's death for Islam.

We, in the West, have 'patriotism' for -land- and -people-. People who migrated to this country would sing songs about their "fatherland" in Europe. The land, people and culture. In some cases religion is involved, particularly in nations that were catholic. Catholicism, originating from Babylon (in the East), also "christianized" natives as European countries went along conquering, which is also why otherwise impoverished peoples have lavish mini-cathedrals in their midst; the 'conquest' of "christianizing" (Babylonizing). But none of it had anything to do with Biblical "Christianity". Religion and patriotism in the West were not intertwined like in eastern cultures. And people who got tired of all the fighting, and wanted to worship God for Biblical reasons, with freedom to obey the Bible as they read and understood it, migrated over to America. In America people had "freedom" to read the Bible and live life as they understood the Bible, without fear of inquisitions and persecution. But also, others with other religions, under that umbrella of "freedom", also had the option to practice their religions as they saw fit.

Thus, we often say around here that America is NOT a "Christian" nation. If it were truly a Christian nation, Biblical Christianity would be the -only- 'religion' allowed. If the Almighty was truly the 'god' of this nation, all others would be outlawed. (Ex20:3) BY DEFINITION

And so, as this nation has "freedom of religion", many people believe many different things, and there are many buildings erected to their worship; and as such, this country is not particularly -religious- IN ESSENCE.

But Islam is. A few decades ago Louis Farrakhan, a radical rabble rouser and activist, a contemporary of O'Bama in ideology and joint mentors, went around stirring up trouble in the name of the NATION OF ISLAM. At the time I didn't fully appreciate that designation. Now I do. It is not Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria or what-have-you that is on the conquest. It is the NATION OF ISLAM. These who commit "acts of terror" are -supported- by many of these nations, who are member states of the NATION OF ISLAM.

And actually, this whole topic comes back to the conflict between God and Satan. The designation NATION OF ISLAM, in a truest sense, is satan's entity, just as the CHURCH belongs to Jesus Christ. And just as the Church -is- not Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran meeting in this building, that building or that other one over there, or this 'membership' roll or that one; so too Islam is not Iran, Gaza or Iraq. We spoke of O'Bama's slip-of-the-tongue speaking of the "57 states". The 57 states of the NATION OF ISLAM. It is more than merely a 'national' entity. It is them and their deity, Allah.

With Japan, Shinto was connected to one nation and emperor. Its aggression was able to be defeated. With the NATION OF ISLAM there is not any -one- 'country' that can be identified and defeated, and have the problem be gone. Just like the apostasy that has invaded the Church from countless directions, and how does one get rid of it? Jesus said to let the wheat and tares grow together until the judgment, and the reapers would sort out the chaff to burn, and gather the wheat into the granaries. In similar fashion, this problem with the NATION OF ISLAM will continue to get worse until the King of kings comes to make the world's kingdoms His own, and separates the sheep from the goats.

Some years ago I used to work in electronics assembly, and at a certain 'assembly line' we would sit around, stuffing parts into circuit boards as they went by on the conveyor, and we would sit, working, and talking/visiting. Many of those working were Vietnamese, and it was still closer to the close of our involvement over there...memories were still fresh. I remember asking this one gal how she liked the "freedom" in this country; and I got the strangest reply. She said that... Americans have "TOO MUCH FREEDOM".

We've had 'freedom' to do WHATEVER WE WANT for so long, that the activists capitalized on the "live and let live" mentality; and people little by little stopped "condemning" things that were wrong. In so-called "christian" circles it was deemed "judgmental" to do so. Judgmental is 'bad'. Sha la la la la la live for today. Do your own thing, man! Peace brother!

And so today... the enemy, the NATION OF ISLAM wants to build a "victory mosque" (their 'flag') where it is perceived that they engaged and killed 3000 of their enemy. They want to plant their 'flag'. After all, our acting 'president' has told them that we are now a leading "muslim nation" of the world. THEY WON! They've got a beachhead established, and a mosque at Ground Zero will be 'proof' of it.

In our cultural mentality of 'flag, mom and apple pie' we don't see it. It's just not part of our view of the world. If they want to 'worship' there, what's the big deal; it's a "free country"; let them. But in -their- culture and mentality, if the NYC planners allow the mosque to be built, ISLAM (symbolically) WON! To Islam it's not about "religious freedom". It is military conquest. And our perception of the 1st amendment, freedom, in our ignorance of the East, will have allowed it to happen. 'TOO MUCH FREEDOM' will have defeated us.

And when Sharia law goes into effect all over the place...things will change drastically. But then, in terms of our national morality, that might not be such a bad thing!? Our watered down Christianity certainly isn't having any impact on the nation, other than to condone and participate in and further its licentiousness; and tell everybody that God "accepts them JUST AS THEY ARE"! They don't need to change! And if persecution arises, perhaps the chaff will become separated from the wheat!


Islam does not believe in religious "freedom". They believe in religious conquest. They do not seek 'freedom' to build at Ground Zero in order to spread understanding and tolerance. They only say those words because they know our mindset, and what 'works' to -deceive- us. They want to build to illustrate that they won. Freedom of Religion suggests a tolerance for any and -all- religions coexisting side-by-side. They do not believe in that; it is a totally "western" concept. To a person with an ounce of sense in their brain: They do not have a "right" to build at Ground Zero any more than Russia, Iran or N.Korea, as foreign entities, have a "right" to drop a nuke in this country. If it should ever happen that Islam TAKES OVER this country, there will no longer be religious freedom...it will be all Islam. And for disobedience there will be amputations, floggings, stonings...just as we see in Arab countries today.

NYC is called by some, the "greatest city in the world".It is where the UN is headquartered. It is where Islam's greatest 'wound' was allegedly inflicted on 9/11. Symbolically a mosque there would represent Islam's highest achievement of conquest against the West.

Anybody been wondering why O'Bama, who snears about "guns and religion", now suddenly believes in the 1st Amendment regarding the mosque? He is Muslim! He is part of the infiltrating enemy! ...running 'point'!

We need to bend our collective thinking around to understand the enemy. It is not about worshiping as one chooses to see fit, and allowing them the same freedoms as us. It is about an insidious enemy sneaking in like a serpent, to subjugate this nation.

The 1st Amendment may have been the greatest law ever enacted in the history of mankind, and helped make this a great nation. But since we are lovers of 'self' and don't know what 'self-control' (2Ti3:3) is, it will also be our undoing! As Paul gives the context...

    "But know this, that in the last days PERILOUS TIMES will come" (2Ti3:1)

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