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July 31, 2012

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In a 'trivia' item "a Child Shall Lead them" is an embedded link to a writing about "Indigo Children". Something I'm noticing in certain little children within my sphere of existence is the propensity for the little ones to throw tantrums. These are not just little rebellions, but these are major big 'explosions'. I take my regular daily walks past a certain school playground where children play, and I am utterly bewildered by the -screaming- that children do. These are not merely screams of -delight- as children go romping about having 'fun', laughing and shouting; but if a person didn't know it was a playground, hearing it from a distance, a person would tend to want to 'rush' over to see WHAT'S 'WRONG'? (to 'rescue' them) that they are emitting such blood-curdling screams. Certain similar behavior from a couple of 'neighbor' children I am continually bewildered by...and that parents -allow- their children to behave in that manner without parental discipline and intervention. (There seems to be the adult attitude to their children, as I heard one mother say to her children, "You can do anything you want to do...any time you want to do it") I think I shared an incident from several years ago at WalMart where this little boy, sitting in the shopping cart, was letting loose with the most horrendous blood curdling screams to where his entire face/head was turning 'red' from the high blood pressure of his activity.

So...What happens when Indigo children grow up to adulthood? For you fellow-Americans who watch the news, it brings forth the kind of behavior of that airline flight attendant who WENT CRAZY the other day, where they had to turn the plane around before take-off so she could be taken into custody. According to the news, it required five people to hold her down; and if you saw the news clip and -heard- her high-pitched screams....that's pretty much the kind of sounds these little children make.

Why would it take -FIVE- people to restrain her, unless she was demon-possessed...much as the one Jesus healed, who previously would break the chains with which they would bind him. (Mk5:4, Lk8:29)

But the world, apparently not being any-the-wiser, consider it to be a psychological "disorder".

Like that little fellow (in the high chair) at that restaurant I told about a few years ago, after his tantrum subsided, the appearance of his face, all dripping with sweat, was of a person who was being ran through the wringer into total 'exhaustion'. (same as that kid at WalMart) And as I looked at him, it was almost as though he could tell that the Spirit of the Lord was in me, that he had a certain 'understanding' and 'knowing' and his eyes had a 'mature' seeming -longing- for "help". To be 'rescued' from the -torture- he was experiencing.

For those who like a little more supportive 'evidence', and since some think I don't talk "about Jesus" enough, or I am so "negative", or this or that, or perhaps -imagining- demons "around every corner" or "behind every bush": there are several families in my neighborhood with small children; uh let's see, about five within a radius of less than a half block. So, picking two of these families: one family had a grandmother with a SBC background, although not saved. The currently living family do not make any claims to Biblical things, although their extended family, when I was invited to a Thanksgiving meal some years ago, they said "Grace" for the meal. (But a lot of people do that) The couple smaller kids have all sorts of fun playing. They love to chase each other, yell, squeal, the boy loves to blow his (obnoxious) whistle, pretending he's the playground referee. In the summertime I will sometimes go lie down in the shade, just so I can be out there, across the fence, to -hear- them playing. I enjoy the sounds of happy children playing. (Zec8:5) As a family they don't seem to decorate the outside of their house, either for X-mass or Helloween.

There is this other family. They don't seem to decorate for X-mass at all. But their Helloween decorations are -very- ornate and elaborate. They mount these (gremlin/gargoyle/griffin?) creatures (I don't know what any of the specific creatures are, as to their names), one of the most evil-looking of which was mounted on the corner of their roof, aimed -right- at me...anytime I would go check my mailbox, there it was learing at me, as if it wanted to jump, take flight and attack. And they have this little "princess"...you look at her, she looks so diminutive, frail and delicate. (One person I know calls them "porcelain dolls") But you should -hear- her, at times, across the couple of yards, in their back yard. Let's leave it at that.

Demonic decorations and demonic utterances vs no decorations and 'normal' happy (non-plagued) children. Oh, yes, and... that other family over 'there', with eleborate X-mass decorations, but nothing for helloween: well-behaved and happy children. Coincidence?


There is a new family that has this young "indigo" child. I have seen some behavior on her part where she 'knows' where I am, even though she cannot see me. Like one day she was out in the front yard, loudly pontificating/preaching 'something' (which I could hear from inside the house), I could not tell what, wildly flailing her arms like she was this great orator, stomping around, like an open-air evangelist, raising her voice to the entire neighborhood. But -as- I rounded the corner of my house, to see what was going on, but she was facing away....it was like she suddenly 'froze' like a statue in silence (whatever her last pose had been, she did not turn to look at me, just 'froze' where she was, in that spot, in that pose, in mid-movement...like somebody had hit the 'pause' button), until I turned around to return behind the house, and she started up again. So, just to 'test' what had happened, I re-appeared around the front (snuck around), and again as my eyeballs poked around the corner of the house, 'frozen' like a statue, until I returned behind the house.

The other day, after this incident, she was out front and looking at me very pointedly with hatred, a -very- 'dark' countenance. Light and Dark at enmity against each other.

There are occasions the "porcelain doll" also has fits of 'oratory'. She will 'proclaim' loudly to the neighborhood... 'something'. I can never understand any words. But she is surely 'proclaiming' them!

And yes...the porcelain doll and the orator seemed to have an almost instant 'connection' of 'knowing' with each other when the new family moved in.

And what happens when a young 'orator' grows up? Perhaps like I observed a couple weeks ago when out for my walk: For whatever reason I decided to turn down a side-street that I had never before walked (nor driven), and down at the end of the block, where I was to turn and start my return home, was this young mother and her son in their chain-link fenced yard. The son was lying on this trampoline, out in the hot sun, and the mother was behaving like the above-mentioned young orator. Stomping around. She wasn't making any sense, but spoke the word (once) "indigo", and then continued to loudly rant the words "corporate America" over and over. At first glance, and the tone of her voice, I thought whe was bawling out her kid. But the words she was saying, over and over, made no sense. And I didn't have the presence of mind to 'stop' walking to turn and 'ask' what she was talking about. It seemed to start 'when' I was even with her location. Did she say the word "indigo" for my benefit, to inform me of the 'source' of this rant? I don't know. Just an observation.


This young one is also into whistles. Not ordinary 'play' whistles while running around with siblings or friends, but a statuesque standing, filling up the lungs to full capacity, and 'BLOOOOOW'. When I first heard the whistle I had been around the front of my house, so quickly ran down the street to figure out where it was coming from, thinking it might be the 'porcelain doll'. But -as- I was searching, it stopped. I came back, settled down to finish my fudgebar and it started up again, so ran to my back yard, and got there just in time to see the whistle being blown, stop, turn 90degrees, blow, stop and as she began to turn, I was beginning to yell and she, again, 'froze' (like the statuesque orator), and when I yelled a second time, the 'jerk' that happened in her countenance was almost as if I had "awakened" her out of a trance.

I had heard about this before but never studied it. And now that I have done a bit of reading at google with the words (four directions witchcraft) I realize I don't need to do any further reading. We are not required to know the "depths of satan" (Re2:24) to know what we are seeing. When those who are into witchcraft (pagans, as they even call themselves) convene their "circle" they call to the four quarters, associated with the compass directions, to the "watchtowers" where the "watchers" are. (Daniel speaks of watchers 4:16,13,17,23) Same as the "sons of God" were in Genesis. There are holy angels and fallen angels. In other words, they are convening a gathering of demons.

A former acquaintance who was allegedly saved out of satan-worship explained it one day...first time I had heard of the concept. He would explain how musicians in rock bands do this....as they play, they will turn in 90 degree increments to face the four points of the compass, addressing the demons of the four directions. Each direction has its own set of demons, gods, names, blah, blah, etc, etc.

And guess what! Many in charismania and the 'revival' movements do the same thing! While they are up there on the stage, getting the worshippers all worked up into a "spiritual" state, they address the 'watchers' in their four directions....just like a coven circle, or what have you. It is witchcraft. It is satanism.

Anyway: this indigo child, pontificating to the neighborhood in a spiritual state.... also engages in witchcraft to the "four quarters". It's a complete package! I don't know how old she is. But she's 'young'. And that Kjos article spoke of 95% of children born today being like this.

    "Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, being devoted to corrupting spirits and doctrines of demons" (1Ti4:1)

    "...having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away." (2Ti3:5)



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