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January 6, 1999

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Re: Oprah - First Church of Self

Follow-up to "Religion... the 'in' Thing"

One of the topics discussed by TV programs in evaluating 1998 (where we've been) and 1999 (where we're going) is the "people." Who made the greatest news headlines; who was the greatest sports figure; who was the worst criminal; what was/were the most notable event/s.

For USA people surveyed; who are the #1 man and woman, in your estimation? "Bill and Hillary Clinton" That troubles me, as to the depravity of this country! (But that's another topic) Who are #2? "The pope and Oprah" Having written the "Religion.." commentary in the morning, and hearing this later that afternoon/evening, I found this to be utterly fantastic. (Not 'good' fantastic!)

The pope, of course, is the very embodiment of ecumenism with his encyclical "Ut Unum Sint" (that they may be one). A few years ago in Europe the #1 CD was catholic "Gregorian" chant. The pope is the most-travelled one in history, making peace. Continually makes political statements when there is trouble here or there. And the RCC is the only religious entity with a representative to the UN, a "political" body. A mixing of religion, politics and economy. Notice in Scripture, "..it..causes the earth..to WORSHIP the first beast...that they should make an image to the beast...it causes all..to receive a mark..[so that they can]..BUY or SELL.." (Rev13:12-17) No, don't anybody quote me as saying that "the pope is the antichrist." Just observing the -pieces- of the puzzle moving around. The antichrist won't be "revealed" until after the rapture. (2Th2:8)

And then, Oprah! If the pope is the embodiment of ecumenism while maintaining the traditions of Nimrod and the Queen of heaven, Oprah preaches the "gospel" that people -LIVE- by. Remember, the theme is "unity in diversity." It's OK for the pope to maintain the "church traditions" while Oprah rallys the people in self-worship. They are both part of the same team and purpose.

During winter break from work I made a point of watching segments of several Oprah shows... to see what she's doing now-a-days. They are all "worship" times. The Oprah show is the "First Church of Self"

One day Mariah Carey (dressed for a change and acting demurely) and Whitney Houston led everyone in worship. They worshipped "self." Another day they "celebrated" (a popular expression in modern-day churches) -women-. Down-trodden, having been abused and been through many sorrows and troubles, but had lifted themselves up by their own bootstraps... Oprah -rewarded- them with "THINGS" Trip with Tina Turner, make-overs, shopping sprees, debts paid, vacations in the tropics. Celebration, rejoicing...WORSHIP...with -things-. Celebrating "SELF"

Another day she was interviewing an author who was describing the "soul." Using pictures of "ships and boats" in a large sea, to do so. A bunch of utter nonesense and rubbish. As I watched as much of that as I could stomach, my heart yearning for Truth, I wondered, "WHERE do they come up with such drivel?!" They rebel against the truth that God "creates" each soul as a person comes into being. When God breathed the breath of life...man -BECAME- a "living soul". (Gen2:7) At that moment. Souls do not endlessly float along in time and space, for an individual to come along and "join up with" it. Each and every soul belongs to God (Ezk18:4) and is accountable to Him. And He passes judgement. "The soul that sins shall die."

Based on interviews I've seen, Oprah's "conversion" happened while she was doing her recent movie. Little bits of that that I've seen promoted, it apparently deals with spirits and paranormal. And that is the basis for her switch to the "Oprah worship hour" every day.

"The [Holy] Spirit expressly says that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and teachings of demons..." (1Tm4:1) "..in the last days grievous times will be. For men will be SELF-lovers, money-lovers, boasters, proud, blasphemers... lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness, but denying the power of it..." (~2Tm3:1-5)

In the past when I have made passing comments about Oprah, there have been complaints because she is "doing so much good, and -caring- about people." And now that Diana and M. Teresa are dead, she has risen up to take their place. But what we see from Scripture about her, as these passages describe her so eloquently, we are instructed to...

"..TURN AWAY FROM these. For of these are those who creep into houses and lead captive silly women loaded with sins, led away with different kinds of lusts, ever learning and never able to come to the full knowledge of the truth." (2Tm3:5-7)


Oprah's 'G-O-D' god - the last show


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