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April 19, 1999

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Re: Astrology, Zodiac, occult 'wisdom' and prophecies?

I am currently dealing with a New Ager and I am running into a problem with leading them to the Truth about the deception of their beliefs... and although I have been extremely successful in the past with these sort of lost souls (having been delivered from the occult and Romanism myself) I am stumped to come up with a legitamate answer to this inquiry...These folks are NOT amateurs or "kids" who are into the occult...these are full scale New Age constituants...teachers in their "congregations"...

The question presented is this..". why is it that a great portion of the occult wisdom provided by astrology and such "hits the nail on the head"?

Contrary to what us Christian folks believe about these (false) sciences, they do have a steady stream of application that ends up being true... especially where the zodiac signs are concerned.

The example I was given was this...

"I have had my chart done by a professional astrologer... it is truly me... it could not be transfered to anyone else I know...it is right on the mark. To tell me that it is merely generic info that could apply to anyone is an insult to my intelligence. So... do you mean to tell me that the God that created this universe couldn't have created a system of order for those born under certain signs and aspects... and if Satan takes truth and weaves lies around it to get us all deceived, where is the truth of the the science we call astrology...if Satan cannot create then where did the proven experiential truths of these sciences come from...I have more faith in the power of God than you do... I don't put God in the box, you do..."

Now, please, please trust me, I understand from my past that demonic activity can be present to give inside info to the "astrologer"... so they know things that happened in the persons past... but what about when it is a future event that has not happened yet and then DOES...exactly as predicted...

The thing that distinguishes God Most High from all other gods and the occult is that He proclaims, "..I am God, and no other is God, even none like Me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from the past things which were not done, saying, My purpose shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure." (Is46:9-10)

Let's see how God demonstrates this:

God said to Moses, "Has the LORD's hand become short? You shall see now whether or not My word shall come to pass to you." (Nu11:23) And once Israel had crossed the Jordan River and was taking possession of the land, Joshua declares, "..And you know in all your heart and in all your souls that not one thing has failed of all the good things which the LORD your God spoke concerning you. All have come to pass to you. Not one thing of it has failed. (Josh23:14) Notice -ALL- have come to pass. And -NOTHING- failed. God is 100%.

How does God exhort us to discover the false?

"When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing does not follow nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously." (Deu18:22) In other words, false prophets and the occult will not be 100% in their 'knowledge' and/or predictions.

The prophecies of Nostradamus are allegedly 70%. The Toronoto Vineyard movement has openly stated in the past when interviewed by network TV, that they are about 70% in their various matters of "the spirit". You might have your cards read, read your horoscope, or whatever...if even ONE THING is inaccurate, it is not of God. And we are not to have any part of it. In the O.T., mediums were to be put to death. (Lev20:27)

The 'readers' of course have certain techniques to elicit a response out of you to start heading in the right direction. But they also get their info through the demons. And often, if something doesn't come out accurately, they have little pat answers for 'why' it was wrong. e.g.: After my ex took off, over eight years ago, the girl-friend of the fellow she left with would call me periodically. He had 'dumped' her, too. Well... she was really into New Age and numerology, etc. On one of the occasions when she called to talk, she asked all sorts of questions about my ex... date of birth, blah, blah, blah... and was plugging the info into her little numerological equations, and was spouting back to me 'what kind of person' my ex was, based on this info. (Just like your Zodiac, and such things) Well, it was interesting that a lot of it was right on. But occasionally she would come up way-off-base. And when I said so, she immediately would come back with, "well, that's the 'down side'." (whatever -that- means!) But...if I were to guess, not having actually tabulated it while we were talking, I'd say she got only about 70-80% right, too.

As for Zodiac 'signs' and horoscopes, every once in awhile if I happen to be browsing past the section of the newspaper, or some other situation, I will take a peek to see what it says about me. And on occasion I have looked to see what they say about other people I know well. And you know... there are times I fully understand how people get suckered into it, because, as your correspondent said...it's right on. But then, other times, it's "close" but not 100%. Remember: God is 100%. Most people are so awed by the "correct" stuff, they ignore the times it's wrong. Remember: the people of Samaria had been amazed by Simon who used to conjure, and would say, "this one is the great power of God" (Acts8:10) What he did looked "SO real"! But when Philip came and people turned to the Lord, they saw that God was different. And even Simon was amazed by what he saw of God's power. Satan can only imitate. His ministers only -apear- "as ministers of righteousness" (2Cor11:15) but are not the real thing. Just like; false doctrine usually contains 90% truth.

Sorry to continue on with this 'personal' example, but it's a 'case-study' I'm -intimately- acquainted with. Regarding foretelling the future: back to my 'ex' again...

We met these three "Moonies" 16 yrs ago. Two were Japanese, not speaking English very well, in the middle of North Dakota. We 'befriended' them in the hopes of steering them away from the cult to introduce them to Christ. And I'm sure, the fact that they were Japanese 'tugged' at my heart a bit, too, since I grew up in Japan. Well, one evening they stopped by the house with a 'gift' for my wife. A pair of errings. In hindsight, now, I realize it was around the same time that she started having dreams. For instance, as we were at a parts counter getting some gaskets for the motorcycle, in a totally 'strange' place we had never been to before, she says, "I dreamed about this place." She had 'seen' everything, down to the pens and papers on the counter, etc. This happened more than once. However, there was one dream she had, which she relayed 'before' it happened. Her grandparents were leaving quite a substantial inheritance at their death, and this was going to be distributed to the grand-children, as well as the children. And she drempt an -amount- that she would be receiving. The amount turned out to be wrong. It was REAL CLOSE...within a few hundred dollars. But, wrong!

At the time these dreams were taking place I 'wondered' about them, and their 'source'. I knew the Scriptures about God's predictions being 100%. But, at the time, I hadn't accepted or recognized the fact that she was my "unequal yoke". So, I questioned how a "Christian" could be receiving these kind of dreams from satan. Well...they -were- from satan, and she wasn't a Christian.

Those errings: While my heart was seeking to reach those Moonies; with that gift of the errings, they introduced a demonic presence into our home. A fact which was confirmed for me after she had left, and I was becoming aware of her occult connection, and one evening I pounded and ground them to bits. A spirit presence was obvious, which even affected the cat. He was 'spooked'.

Another interesting piece of 'trivia' in all this. When she left, she essentially left -all- behind. But the one item of jewelry she took with her was a necklace with a tiny stone, carved in the shape of a 'native' demonic head/face, having been purchased and given to her by either parents or grandparents after they had been on one of their frequent world-wide travels. A "fetish".

So...back to your question: if you, or the people you are communicating with, look at these things closely, I bet you'll find they are not 100%. You started out your question by saying that "a GREAT PORTION" is accurate.

Jehovah Most High is 100%


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