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" The Wedding "
- a dream -

I was at a wedding, and I was the maid of honor. I was supposed to read from Scripture.... but no one quite knew which verse. I didn't have my Bible and was desperately looking for someone else who had a Bible, because the ceremony was supposed to start, and how could I read a verse which no one knew without a Bible?

People kept saying, "Here, use mine"... but when I'd open them... it would be a hymn book. Some of these were leather-bound and actually looked like a Bible on the outside. Another one (an adult) handed me their Bible and it was little more than a child's picture-book. Another one, which someone considered to be the Word, was a toy, much like you'd see in a christian bookstore. I thought I'd look for a Bible in the pews, but there were only "shells", covers from Bibles, but nothing inside. I couldn't find the Word of God. It just wasn't there. And no one was concerned about it, except me. They all tried to be helpful, but no one actually participated in the search. No one really cared.

And then, all throughout, I knew it was "me" who was supposed to get married. I was even dressed in white... something a bridesmaid isn't supposed to be dressed in. The people in the dream moved like they were drugged, slow and sluggishly. And the ceremony was weird, chaotic. They were sorta wandering around the jam-packed, humongous church (the bride, along with her entire family apparently) waiting for the bridegroom to show up. But he never did.

Finally, I walked out. And I went to find the bridegroom, because I was the only one who knew where he was.... in this little "cubicle" at the back of the church. I walked in and there was a woman in there with him, helping him get ready. I assumed her to be his mother. She looked down her nose at me, in a disapproving way, as she passed by to leave. (At first, after I woke, I interpreted this incident jokingly as she was evidently part of the church of Ephesus, but as I'm thinking about it now, she probably likely is. She was in the church, and knew where the bridegroom was and how to get to him, but... there was still something wrong with her heart). Then I was alone with the bridegroom.

I wanted to beg and plead with him... that it was "me" he was to marry. He seemed to hesitate... as if he were remorseful over those who were in the church's sanctuary waiting for him. And yet, his intent was indeed, to marry me. There was no hesitation about that. And we left.

It's like I dreamed a parable.... Why do I wanna cry, yet jump for joy all at the same time?

(an -actual- dream as told by one of VW's subscribers)
"Anonymous" at author's request

Soooo "right on!" And when the Bride and Groom are gone, the rest will be pounding at the door...let us in, too... pleeeeeease!!

"And they who were ready went in with him to the marriage, and the door was shut. Afterwards the other virgins came also, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us. But He answered and said, Truly I say to you... I DO NOT KNOW YOU" (Mt25:10-12)

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